Inspiration: Trees, TV’s and Bamboo Keys


DIY Inspiration

Weekly Inspo?

Maybe this needs to be a series. Summer gets busy, but the projects don’t stop. They just fold in around grad parties, cabin weekends, weddings and BBQ’s. I’ve been playing softball every Wednesday and Joe’s been jetskiing his heart out. My baby brother just graduated from college and is in France. I’m so proud of you, Luke! I’ve been following his jazz adventures here and I can’t wait to see his photos.

One small update you may have noticed — Our blog domain is now officially! What does that mean? Nothing – Nothing has changed, it’s just a little easier on the eyes. If you still don’t see the update, try refreshing your browser. For those of you who subscribe to the newsletter, no worries.

A very nice couple from across the country agreed to give it to us. LeahandJoe² created their wedding site there about 10 years ago and generously gave it to me when I asked! So thank you, if you two are reading.

We look forward to redesigning this little blog.

“Music is the space between the notes” – Claude Debussy

Maybe that’s how I feel about our schedule. We sometimes have space between project frenzies. And I know I can speak for Joe when I say we’re both constantly brainstorming new ideas in our downtime.

Luckily, we’re giving ourselves some space between the notes by using Memorial weekend to get caught up. Here’s our long-view summer checklist:

Summer Checklist Evernote

Yeah I should probably bump “Grow Grass” to the head of the class. We’re working on it, really we are.

In the meantime, here are some of our adventures. We’ve been planting trees on Arbor Day, loving our moms on Mother’s Day and we’ll be digging into some irrigation over Memorial Day.


Arbor Day

That was a lot of fun! Joe’s company goes out to the Greenway bike path in Minneapolis every year to plant trees and bushes along the urban track. It was awesome to meet and hang out with some of his coworkers on a gorgeous day. We even got a few encouraging shouts of “Thank you!” from bikers and runners passing by.

Arbor Day plant trees photo

planting tree arbor day

company event planting trees arbor day

planting trees along the greenway bike path

Ryan Companies planting trees arbor day greenway

Ryan Companies planting trees arbor day greenway

We were definitely sore from using the pitchfork and carting around wood chips and mulch. Worth it!


Ryan Companies annual planting trees arbor day greenway

Here’s Joe’s latest war room concoction. Sorry for the awful photo. I’ll have some better ones soon. In a nutshell, he took a lot of screens from the attic office and reassembled a work/video editing/ battle station to his bedroom. It’s pretty cool actually!

Bamboo Keys

And here’s my latest fix.

computer war room monitors

Or it would be if it wasn’t broken.

bamboo keyboard

I ordered this cool bamboo keyword only to discover it DOA.

broken bamboo keyboard

Bent right in half in the mail.

warped computer keyboard

I didn’t have to pay for it, and I didn’t have to send it back either.

bent or broken keyboard computer

So… I’m left with the hardware. What could one do with these bamboo letters?

…. I’m thinking crafts!

broken computer hardware

Maybe make them into scrabble tiles? Necklaces or coasters? Joe’s mom and I went around downtown Anoka last weekend and I saw these cool Scrabble letter plaques.

I also fell in love with these

scrabble tiles crafts

How cool are these burlap roses? I think I’m in love.

Looks like we have some work cut out for us. Oh and did we mention garage sale is in our plans? Oofdah.

Anyone else digging trenches this weekend?

Or do you have plans somewhere nice and sunny?