The Office: Season Two


Attic Office

The Secret Room

What was once known as The Secret Room is now, drum roll please, The Office. I think its secrecy became compromised awhile ago. Joe had the room under wraps for a good run, but by now everyone knows that the passcode on the door is 8008 (that’s BOOB for all of you who missed out on T9 calculator jokes in school. And yes, Joe installed an electronic door lock. More on the making of the Secret Room coming soon. That’s a good one. But fast forward to the present day:

From the outside, a hall linen closet:

Door to attic

But wait, what’s that up there?

Enter the office

Come see

Come on in

Remember: 8008 – and say opennnn sesameee

Opening the door

Watch your step

ladder inside

Is the suspense killing you?

Crack in the doorOk, we’re in! Don’t mind the mess.


Here’s a peek around:


We were going for the “lived in” look


We saved a little room for storage too!


So that was how it looked before. Well, after we built walls, but before it was The Office.

But then this TV thing moved in:

TVAnd now…

full-fledged officeWe have a fully fledged, functioning office space!

After a bit of Black Friday friendly TV buying competition between roommates, or a case of tech FOMO, or Joe having the entire day off, or a mixture of all of the above, what do you expect? Naturally, Joe bought a really big TV … to be used as a computer monitor.

Yep, I should have agreed to wait in that three hour line at Microcenter for two $99 monitors, because after abandoning that plan, he sprang for a $500+ TV. But what’s done is done. Either way, this office was going to happen. It was only a matter of when.

We have been talking about it. How dual monitors would be great for both of us: Joe loves video editing from GoPro footage, and I obviously love writing and designing. And we like downloading music together. So we wanted to share a work area. And needed more screen space.


Joe's process

Joe’s process

Mounting supplies not included

Mounting supplies not included

Securing the mounts

Fastening the mounts

And we have an office!

And we have an office!

Play time

Play time

Desktop, meet flatscreen

Desktop, meet flatscreen

So there it is. After swearing off Black Friday shopping, we managed to make an office in one day. We’ve actually done some work up there! We’re adding a magazine rack for tracking bills and I have a little filing cabinet that would be a great addition. Joe wants the printer up here also, so he can scan all his work receipts and fax them. We have some ideas for artwork beneath the track lighting too. We’ll post some photos when it’s looking more finished!

Leah & Joe in the office

In The Office

Oh no, it’s Joe’s Movember Monkey Tail! (See the beard wrap around and stop.) Now you can’t unsee it. Thank goodness it’s December now!

Any crazy attics or crawl spaces we should see? We’re really into this idea of economizing spaces in the house. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to homes, it’s how you use the space you’re given!

P.S. Did you know that during winter most of your home’s heat loss comes from the attic? Insulate that attic, friends! That got me thinking- we should do a how-to post on winterizing the house!  





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  1. Yep! It’s still used as a closet, but that’s where the attic entry was, so Joe put in a door and ladder up to it. More’s coming on that part 🙂

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