Burlap Lamp Shade Upgrade


lamp shade upgrade

Lamp Shade Upgrade

This project was incredibly simple and affordable. I’ve been seeing burlap-covered lamp shades everywhere, and noticed my trusty bedside reading lamp was looking a little dingy. The shade was getting dirty and it was just too plain. So, why not use what I had and make it a little more homey?

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Behind the Scenes


Spring Cleaning


Elbow Grease

It was truly March Madness for us ‚Äď A month for the record books. We put an offer on a house, had it contingently accepted, had to make a mad dash to sell a house, and a bunch of aftermath that we’re currently weeding through. There were many, many things that needed to take place in order for everything to fall exactly into place. There was probably some divine intervention, because whatever took place was of superhuman effort. Good thing we know some pretty super humans ūüôā

This is a sampling of what we needed to do. The majority of our work was taping, mudding, prepping walls, painting walls, shampooing carpet, getting everything into boxes and out of the house, repainting coats of paint and generally polishing and deep cleaning every square inch.¬†Joe’s house cleaned up pretty nicely! But few of us got to be behind the scenes. Lemme tell you, it wasn’t so pretty. But it was all worth it in the end.

To-Do Lists

to-do list page 1

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House is Sold


sold sign


It’s (Almost) Official

The Sign Santa finally came around and left us a little¬†present in the front yard. Just in time to update it to “SOLD” ‚ÄstJoe accepted an offer!


Joe signing house offer

He was SO happy to hear it.

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Making a Customized Picture Frame


how to make a personalized picture frame

Most people, like it or not, will get a¬†homemade craft from me at some point. I love giving birthday presents! If you’re in a pinch to make a friend a fun birthday gift too, this might be a neat idea for you.

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Making: Healthy Truffles


healthy truffles recipe


Guilty Little Pleasures

I sincerely hope you didn’t give up sweets for Lent, because I have a bunch of chocolate recipes to share. There’s an amazing new truffle place in the skyway where I work called Legacy Chocolates. Ah.Maz.Ing. At $3 a piece, they are worth every cent. They make¬†99% dark cocoa truffles, and experiment with¬†new flavors each week. What’s not to love, right? The trouble is, I was becoming a regular. For a couple months, I would get a truffle every week. So I thought, hmmm I could totally make something like this.

I found this recipe for truffles on Pinterest, and it spoke to me:

Guilt-free chocolate truffles:¬†“Greek yogurt chocolate truffles. Great recipes for fitness lovers with a sweet tooth.” From MayIHaveThisRecipe.com.
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Guest Bathroom: From Popcorn to Knockdown


knocking out popcorn

Popcorn vs Knockdown

Are you like Joe and hate popcorn ceiling with a passion? It never bothered me much, until I realized how many alternatives are out there! Joe has always wanted to try doing a knockdown ceiling treatment, so we decided to pick a sample room and try our hand. Since Steve’s bathroom is basically unoccupied now, we figured it was the perfect small space for a test run!

The Supplies

You’ll need to buy a few things before attempting this yourself.

how to DIY knockdown ceiling supplies
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Winter Fun 2015


winter st. paul Minnesota

All things considered, I think it’s been a pretty fun and eventful winter so far! I’m 100% happy with being in MN for the season. (I’ll get back to you around¬†March). I’m equally thankful we don’t live¬†on the east coast right now! So Minnesota isn’t really so bad. In fact,¬†MN is¬†the best kept secret in the US. This article pretty much sums up what we already know.

Anyway, we’ve been out and about these last couple weekends exploring MN and WI and have many adventures to share.


Joe won an all-inclusive, luxury one night stay at his company fish house on Lake Mille Lacs last Friday, so we figured we better use it or lose it ūüôā

ice fishing Minnesota
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