Door Progress 3


the full monty door

Case Closed

It’s been a long road, but you’ve stuck with us for 3 posts. You’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. The sweat and tears. But at last our mystery comes to an end. You can recap the start and middle if you want to relive the glory days. But I really couldn’t draw out the suspense for this door project any further, even if I wanted to.

So without further stalling…

DIY barn door

We’re happy to say, this case door is closed!

how to make your own barn door

Or maybe we’ll leave it open awhile —

how to make a barn door

The game’s on!

entertainment room partition

How bout those Wild, eh? *In her best northerner accent*

how to make a bamboo barn door from laminate flooring


I’ve Been Framed

I should first tell you that we made the decision to frame out the doorway, so we’d have ample room to install the door’s sliding track. It also lowers the door to the the height of the front door and closet. It looks more natural to make the sliding door flush with everything else rather than super tall.

reframing a door

You can see that we added about 8″

how to frame a door way with 2x4s

We did this by creating an extension of the wall with 2×4’s, sheetrock, putty, and paint.

how to frame a doorway

I had never really framed out a door, but Steve and Joe have plenty of experience.

how to make a treasure map

I decided I’d take on a side project…

hidden treasure in a house

Making my treasure map.

sheetrock and framing doorway

And sealed it up for all of eternity. Or until the next home owner tears open the wall to find a gift!

how to tape and mud sheetrock


We sealed it shut with a cut piece of sheetrock and did the ole tape and mud routine.

sanding and painting tape and mud

Once that was dry we reputtied, resanded, reputtied, resanded, and then we were able to disguise the extension with matching paint. This is the area to mount the door track.

how to make a barn door from laminate floor wood

Naturally, we put up the door early on to just get a preview.

sliding barn door track

Joe and Steve put a lot of time into making the track.

how to make a sliding barn door hardware

They did a great job.

sliding barn door hardware

Making sure it would line up just over the entrance.

attaching barn door hardware DIY

This was probably the most challenging part of the operation.

how to make a movie room projector DIY

Due to the fact that the mirrors beveled the wall out and we had a shelf to consider.

We had to decide if we would use the handles or not…

how to make a pocket door vs handles

In the end we took a different approach. Again, we had to notch out a place for this inset handle.

how to make inset handles for sliding pocket door

A router would have been nice, but the dremel tool worked just fine.

how to make a sliding wood barn door DIY

So now we can resume our scheduled broadcasting!

sliding barn door privacy

Which happens to be the Wild/Blackhawks game.

Wild Blackhawks game movie room

Happy Campers

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