Reorganizing the Crawlspace




This has been a long time coming. When we moved in, we discovered this incredible secret storage area know as the crawlspace. After moving from a slightly larger house, we needed a place to put boxes and miscellaneous things that either didn’t fit, or we didn’t have a place for right away. So into the crawlspace they went. And the garage. But that’s a whole other story… It was finally time to tackle our storage area and get things to their homes. We spent our staycation working on this, and a few other big projects.

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Spare Room Conversion


spare room redo

Brown or Purple?

You be the judge. We really love this paint color, but everyone seems to have a different take on it. Depending on the lighting and time of day, it looks either brown or purple. Or both! For the record, it was in the brown section of Pittsburg Paint, but it must have some purple undertones.

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Fall Funsies


falling for you


Holy smokes- it’s only 2 weeks away! Are you ready for the cool down this week? It’s sure feeling fall to us. And that’s 100% ok. I’m a summer baby, converted fall aficionado. Loving the crisp air.

fall decor

I’m ok with fall, but are they selling Halloween costumes already? I draw the line here.

I don’t have any grand updates, but just some day-to-day stuff that I’ll fire off.


For instance, did you know it was Joe’s 5 year anniversary at work awhile ago?

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backyard cleanup

Putting the Yard to Work

At last! You may remember that we put in irrigation a couple months back. And we did reseed the back lawn as well. But that’s about it. It already looks better, but was in a pretty sad state. We always brainstorm such great plans for the back, but they never seem to come to fruition. The back is primarily the hangout for bonfires, hammock nights, and the bunnies’ playground. Yard work is now underway! (I know, I know. Summer’s almost over. shhhh. Don’t tell the lawn.)

backyard clean up

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United States of Bean Bags


DIY how to make bean bag toss cornhole yard game

Bags or Cornhole?

That will be the great debate of our generation. Does it depend on where you were raised? Whether you grew up around more corn or more beans? Is it a midwest farmer thing? I’m not quite sure…

But it has crept into the cities and city slickers pay big bucks for these lawn game sets. Luckily it’s not hard to make your own set! You just need a couple 2×4’s, some paint, screws and plywood. Joe, my brother and I made a set for my parents’ birthdays. Since they always want to play, but never had the game.

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It’s Alive! Margarita Cupcakes


Margarita flavored cupcake recipe

How To

This is a totally made up recipe on which, I admit, I went a little mad sciency. They turned out pretty good, so I thought I’d share with any sweet teeth looking for something to bring to a picnic… or fiesta. They’re not very patriotic, but that ship has sailed. America let me down in the World Cup. Then again, so did Mexico.

how to make margarita cupcakes

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Summer 2014


summer 2014

‘Tis the Season

Contrary to popular belief (of you guys), we do more than just work all the time. In fact, we even relax once in a while! We can prove it. Yes, we do take breaks. Yes, we both work a lot. Yes, working on things qualifies as fun for us. There is a season for all things: Work and play. But right now, the season is summer baby!


We had another fun weekend. Peppered in between a grad party, a birthday party and US futbol (whoop!), we spent a weekend ringing in the first day of summer properly. Here are some photos of rock climbing and boating on the first day of summer 2014.

rock climbing vertical endeavors

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