Boat Show


Snows and showsWinter Wonderland Part II

We had another snow storm in the great state of Minnesota. Here are some highlights:

My Car

 I awoke to the gentle sounds of snow thrown at my bedroom window. Thanks, Dad! Can you spot a large vehicle in the foreground?

No mail

The mailman may have a tough time today.

Giant icicleAnd the largest icicle I’ve seen in awhile dangling from the rooftop.

Boat Show

So we’re going to try this mind trick again. Pretend it’s summer in winter. Let’s check out the boat show we went to a couple weeks ago at the Minneapolis Convention Center. We went to a vintage snowmobile show the weekend before that. It’s a fun time. This one was a little warmer – We walked around and went inside a bunch of boats. Chatted with some people and overall pretended it was summer.


In Florida…

Meanwhile, Joe snaps pictures of sunny Florida.


Doing some work from the hotel.

Making Picnic Tables
Building picnic tables. All in a day’s work.

Surfer ManThis is a photo from his last trip to Florida. I know he’s hoping to surf next week.

Worlds Collide

My brother Lucas and his girlfriend are on vacation in Florida with her family. They are staying an hour north of Tampa, so they’re hooking up with Joe for the weekend. Today they were doing some fishing and hanging out at the beach. Maybe a little boating. I’ll have more updates on that!

On my way to RedBull Crashed Ice tonight! Anyone else?

Oh, did you see this? My brother’s college roommates enjoying the snow to its fullest.

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