Cedar Mailbox


new cedar mailbox header DIY

It was really about time we replaced our old mailbox. Parts of our house may be falling into disrepair, but hey! check out that sexy mailbox. Abra Kadabra, Distractya! The new mailbox makes us feel a little better about the rest of our messy situation at least. And we’ve gotten a few compliments from passersby. Most improved mailbox award goes to … us!

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The Year of Outdoor Projects


hydrangeas house plants outdoors welcome matIn light of Earth Day, we have some outdoor updates to share. (Although Earth Day should definitely be everyday.) We are hitting spring in full force to tackle the outdoors that are in much need of some TCL. Here’s a list of outdoor projects that are top of mind:

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Boat Show


Snows and showsWinter Wonderland Part II

We had another snow storm in the great state of Minnesota. Here are some highlights:

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