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Did you need that picture right about now? As the snow continues to fall in MN. This is what Joe must be seeing right about now. He just landed in Tampa, FL yesterday where he’ll be working for the next two weeks. Joe, you better soak up some sun for everyone back home.

Winter Living

We Minnesotans have developed many methods for handling the cold months. For some, escapism: Mid-winter vacations are nonnegotiable. Other people totally embrace snow sports. I fall in both camps. I love winter and love summer equally. Right now I’m full-swing in winter mode, so I won’t even know what I’m missing in sunny Florida.

A couple weeks ago you may remember a certain “polar vortex”? Or maybe you’ve blocked it from your memory. Two of Joe’s roommates had birthdays on the same weekend, so we decided to have a little tropical themed birthday party to lighten the mood. We needed it. Don’t worry mom, it wasn’t that rowdy. (Some photos omitted)

Tiki Time

Here’s a quick recap of the night. If you need some summer inspiration, let this be it.

TIki Man

Party planning committee (me) hoarding harvesting supplies before the snowpocolypse.

Playing with it

I used the occasion as a decorating excuse. New addition: lucky bamboo

Shell's n

I know I said I wasn’t going to destroy this room, but I just. couldn’t. resist.


Did I go sliiightly overboard?

Wolf and Dino

Oh look, our favorite wolf made a new friend!

coconut closeup

We cracked a coconut for Hawaii memories.

dino and tiki

What’s a good tropical party without a giant tiki man?


Joe totally cleared the movie room for a dance floor/DJ booth. Where is the furniture, you ask?

 Couch flipped

This photo is oriented correctly…

A couple of quick pics before the celebration

Tree gets some love

Even the tree had a good time.


Success. The birthday boys had a good time! We met some great new faces too. I didn’t think Party City or any other store would have tropical-themed supplies this time of year, but they do. Other Minnesotans have the right idea. Most people actually dressed in theme, and we had extra leis for anybody who needed one. Next time, grass skirts mandatory. We all definitely needed an excuse to break out summer garb and listen to tropical music.

How’s everybody else doing with winter so far? Should I even ask? Any coping mechanisms – Candles, light therapy machines, working out, Reggae music, grilling, perusing summer photos, swimsuit retail therapy, working in Florida (Joe) ?

Speaking of Joe, this just in:

Joe beach

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