Moving in


home sweet home


It will be fun to one day look back and reminisce about all the changes we’ve made to this house. Our little fixer upper is growing up so fast already. Sigh.

front door

There are some great features we love about this place that enticed us to make an offer. There’s also a laundry list of projects we’d like to get our hands on. We hope to have some “after” photos in time, but for now, here’s what we’re working with. Let’s take a tour, shall we?


House Exterior
Welcome to the lovely driveway.

wraparound driveway

We loved the wraparound access – no more shuffling of vehicle to leave for work. No more parking woes. Great for having guests over. I especially loved the attached garage connected to kitchen. Hello grocery shopping heaven.

driveway garage

And Joe’s garage. What more could a man want? His and hers garages is 100% ok with me. Dibs on the house garage!

detached garage and shedBonus feature: We have a shed. Perfect for lake toys, bikes, snowboards, rollerblades, fishing rods, the trampoline, and more!


kitchen remodel

Welcome to the entryway/kitchen area. One of the most important rooms in a house, right?

kitchen cupboards

This is a very strategically taken photo. What you don’t see is the other half of the kitchen, and that’s because there really isn’t one. Pretty snug.

DIY hardwood laminent floors

Here’s a more arial view – the front door would be to the right. The kitchen straight back.

Living Room

natural light windows

What we do love are these laminate floors. And all this natural light and access to the backyard.

wood fireplace

Unfortunately there was a lot of stuff in here that wasn’t doing the room any favors when we viewed it.

wood burning fireplace stone

The colors weren’t serving this room either. But, that has been since changed. Who can say no to a wood burning fireplace in Minnesota? And vaulted ceilings for bonus points.

living room

Cozy, I suppose, facing the fire.

living room kitchen

There’s a little peekaboo window looking into the kitchen.

Spare Bedrooms

spare bedroom office

This was the spare bedroom/office. There’s a second one that’s very similar.

Master Bedroom

master bedroom

What can we say about this master bedroom? It looks drastically different now. It connects to the master bathroom, which we really like.

master bedroom deck


It also has a deck and lake view, which are absolutely great.


master bathroom

Here’s that master bathroom. It’s in pretty good shape, and recently remodeled. Win!


basement stairs

Now down the stairs we go…

crawl space

To the right there’s a dark and dangerous crawl space. Actually, it’s a lifesaver, and not creepy at all! The laundry room is straight across.

electric fireplace

Second fireplace, say what?! This one is electric. I have big plans for this space, just you wait.

electric fireplace basement

Here’s what we originally saw during our walkthrough.

basement remodel

And the other end. There’s a second bathroom to the left and a walkout to the right.


basement walkout

We can’t argue with this lower level walkout patio for grilling and chilling.

backyard lake view

And you can’t beat this sunset.

beach lakefront

The star of the show: A little slice of beach shore.

Mr. & Ms. Fixit

Alright, that’s what we have to work with. We are so excited to get our hands on some of these project spaces. We’re downsizing, which comes with its own challenges. But we’re so happy with our decision. Can’t wait to document our changes and see how far we can take this little house 🙂

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