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Valentine’s Day Roundup

Valentine’s day was already one week ago, but better late than never, right? Last Friday was a work day, even though it should definitely be a national holiday. I’ve come to really like this day. Here’s why.

I got to make some Love Day graphics. Already we’re off to a good start.

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I made cotton candy sugar cookies for the office and a giant chocolate chip cookie for Joe. Endless cookie love. It’s a tradition.

Fun with Fondue

I think fondue should come back! People don’t seem to make it anymore, but everyone has a fondue pot somewhere in a back closet. We had one pot of white chocolate and one of cheese. We dipped with French bread cubes, pretzel sticks, Granny Smith apples, strawberries, marshmallows… and teddy grahams. Apples and cheese = my fave!




[fuh] noun

A Vietnamese soup made of beef or chicken stock with rice noodles and thin slices of beef or chicken.
Also see in the dictionary: Joe’s new favorite soup.
Joe's favorite

Here’s How:

Pho is all about aroma. It’s said to have healing powers because of all the fragrant spices added. The power is in the broth. It’s recommended to cook beef bones for a full day to get the flavor just right, but we took a shortcut and used a packet of pho soup mix. We managed to do a little mixing chemistry of our own. We added these spices to a huge pot of water and beef broth and let them simmer. Anise, ginger, licorice, allspice, and cardamon. You’re supposed to use fish sauce, but we just threw in a few fish oil supplements. Seemed to do the trick!

Toasted some fresh ginger root, cinnamon sticks, and cloves under the broiler and added them in. You can use cheese cloth or a tea cage and soak that too. Then add thinly sliced beef strips.
Once the broth cooks for a few hours, add the cooked rice noodles.
Garnish with cilantro, mung bean sprouts, lime, green onion, and red onion.
Close up
These go on top for garnish, along with more beef strips.
Add hot sauce to your liking. Jalapeños are recommended, but we opt out of those.
There you have a big beautiful bowl of beef pho. You can make it chicken, fish or vegetarian too! If you haven’t tried this soup, go to an authentic Vietnamese place. Indescribable flavor.

What did you do for Valentines?

We aren’t too big into the Hallmarkiness of holidays, but I’m big on experiences. And it’s not too often anymore we get to take time to cook big meals. Spending quality time together is definitely what the holiday is all about in my book. But if you’re into elaborate gifts or going out on the town, or a big dinner and a movie that’s great too.

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