Trash or Treasure?


Trash or Treasure?

Are you a hunter?

A treasure hunter, that is. Or huntress? Are you hungry like the wolf?

“I’m on the hunt, I’m after youuuu.”

The game

Want to play trash or treasure?

Don’t get me wrong, I like a good wolf reference. In the ironic tee-shirt sense. In the same way I think of bald eagles. Why don’t we throw in a few dream catchers and lightning bolts for good measure.

Here are some gems I’ve harvested over the years:

Here’s my personal favorite:

Wolves and waterfalls

Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls

But as for these tables… well …. not on my list of favorites. It must be a guy thing, I don’t know.

The wolves are loose!

Can you spot all 3 wolves in their habitat?

Our friend’s dad was moving out of his house, and had a bunch of things he didn’t want. To avoid a headache, he opened it up to anyone who wanted to salvage anything left behind. And you know what they say: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

I only wish it wasn’t my man to find them…

Let’s move on. The sofa. They cleaned it really well. I think.



And a little further to the left, we find the neon beer lights.

Ice House

Ice House? He could have chosen a half decent beer.

And last but not least, some paintings.


Someone’s paintings

A few more things to round up this treasure hunt:

  • About 200 random DVDs
  • A bunch of guitars
  • Toy Micro Machines van
  • Treasure Chest

These all belong to our roommate. All these treasures are rightfully his.

2013-11-18 20.41.30

Micro Machine

Micro Machine!

Micro Machine open


Treasure chest

Treasure chest

What's in yer treasha chest, matee?

What’s in yer treasure chest, matee?

The wolves have now taken over the wolf den.

We’ll let you be the swing vote here:

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