Guest Bathroom: Paint Job


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There’s just nothing like that new paint smell. Ahhhh. I hate the new car smell, but paint I can handle. We painted the main-level bathroom. We felt like this was just the thing the room needed. Something inside me said, “Silver.” And so it was. I have an unusual infatuation with the color gray. I wanted to find just the right one and ended on this Pittsburg version called “Antique Silver.” Come have a look!

Paint Swatch Sample gray

Much deliberation took place. Actually, we just looked at the options and went with our gut. Joe was worried that it wouldn’t match the brown hardware and counter, but this particular shade of silver had some brown tones to it.

knockdown ceiling texture

After doing this lovely knockdown ceiling treatment, we had half the room finished.

rolling gray paint

So we mixed her up and got to work on the walls!

rolling silver paint

antique silver paint

painting around light fixtures

Joe did the rolling while I did the edge work.

painting around shower

Ninja skills.

joe painting

antique silver wall paint

Fin! Or non?

 Making Pretty the Access Points

Joe had a couple accesses in the bathroom that he wanted to make, well, more accessible. Previously, to get to the breaker box or main water shutoff, we needed to unscrew the panels. Joe thought it would be smart to add some cupboard panels instead. I’m all about fashion meeting function.

electrical access bathroom

So we conveniently have two access panels in here. I’ll visually walk you through the cupboards we put over the holes in the wall. Above is Thing One, below is Thing Two.

bathroom electrical access cover

Getting Messy

attaching cupboard door to electrical access

tools DIY painting silver

DIY how to cover electrical access cupboard

DIY how to cover hole cupboard door


DIY how to frame a cupboard door

leveling door framing

DIY cupboard door bathroom

cupboard doors bathroom DIY

DIY bathroom cupboard door bathroom breaker box

So that’s it. Granted, it looked great when Joe first moved in, but we had some repainting to do anyway. I think it looks really polished in there. It’s almost like a real guest bathroom!


before and after bathroom pic DIY


DIY bathroom pic DIY

before and after DIY cupboard door bathroom electrical box



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