Less or More for Christmas?


Christmas 2017 header mantle

That is the Question

Some years we go a little overboard. Other years we keep it simple. I enjoy all forms of holiday cheer, but this year is quite a different one for us.

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Fall Front Porch


DIY front porch fall decor pumpkin

Front Porch for Fall

I know I’m late to the game, but I festivized my front porch just in time for Halloween. I didn’t put much effort into it, but started putting things out that looked fallish, one by one. Not even sure how that firewood got there… I kinda like our house colors, this time of year at least!

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Lucille’s Vintage Market


Lucille's Vintiques Running Aces Map

The big weekend is here! We’re heading to Running Aces to have ourselves a good time. Rain or shine, we’ll be in the horse barns selling our handmade projects. Hope to see some of you there – It’s 9-7 Friday and 9-5 Saturday. Stop by, say hi (spot #7), and check out some of the amazing artists there.

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DIY Rustic Bathroom Shelves


diy rustic shelves

DIY Rustic Industrial Shelves

I have to confess. This is my favorite part of the entire bathroom. (If you missed any of the bathroom remodel that we did this past winter, you can recap right over here.) I knew I wanted some really chunky wood shelves for the little nook above the toilet, but Joe surprised me with something better than I could have imagined.

cutting bathroom shelves

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It’s Gonna be a Crafty Christmas


it's gonna be a crafty Christmas header

Crafty Christmas

Looking for Christmas crafts this year? I’ve got some super simple ideas that you can whip up. Honestly, if I can make them, so can you. It’s always fun to give/receive a personalized gift. Bonus points if you make it. If that’s not your style, no big deal. But this post is for all the Christmas DIY’ers.


I made coaters again, this time for my coworkers. I had to reference my tutorial from last year just to remember how. But they’re just like riding a bike – pretty simple to pick up again. I found these funny napkins at World Market last year.

Christmas crafts coasters

DIY coasters mod podge


I bought a few little candles and peeled the labels from them. I took some music paper and stamped the names of my friends on the paper, then cut them to the size of the labels. The jars were still sticky, so it was easy to stick the new labels on. The candles were less than $1 each. Then just added some twine bows!
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Tropical Twenties Party


Tropical Twenties header

Did you need that picture right about now? As the snow continues to fall in MN. This is what Joe must be seeing right about now. He just landed in Tampa, FL yesterday where he’ll be working for the next two weeks. Joe, you better soak up some sun for everyone back home.

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Memories for the Mantle – Phase 2


phase 2 mantle

Welcome to Phase 2 of Operation Mantle Magic

With the heavy lifting done in Phase 1, it was time to transform this log into a mantlepiece. Santa will be so happy we made this just for him!

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