Spare Room Conversion


spare room redo

Brown or Purple?

You be the judge. We really love this paint color, but everyone seems to have a different take on it. Depending on the lighting and time of day, it looks either brown or purple. Or both! For the record, it was in the brown section of Pittsburg Paint, but it must have some purple undertones.


You’ve see the before the declutter… Not a pretty sight

converting a spare room

But we’ve got an after. Well, sort of.

house renovation

Here’s our process

painting a spare bedroom

Strip the room and put down plastico,

painting material

Get the rollers and brushes out,

spare room ideas

And tape ‘er up. Thanks Dalton!


The Paint

It’s a really unique color. I can’t remember the name, but I think I have the swatch still. It reminds me of vanilla and chocolate ice cream swirled together in an ice cream cone.

satin paint finish

I did all the edging while Joe followed with the roller.

patching and painting walls

There were a few places that needed patching due to shelves in the wall,

mudding and sanding walls

so we had to wait for that to dry before painting over.

patch and paint walls

But we managed to do it all in half a day’s time.

two coats wall paint

Two coats did the trick.

repainting bedroom walls

I just think this photos is funny. Had to include it, sorry Mikey

satin paint vs eggshell paint

We went with a satin finish, which we HIGHLY recommend. After working with many types of paint, this is the happiest medium between eggshell and semigloss.

eggshell vs semigloss vs satin paint

I’d like to think I’m a good painter, but I admit, Joe has me beat at rolling!



It’s looking so good at this point! Nevermind that there’s clutter in the hallway, let’s just bask in this glorious room with just my sewing machine and some furniture.

sewing room spare bedroom

Enter Joe’s big screen from the attic office.

office spare bedroom

And speakers.

craft room spare bedroom

But back to the sewing station. Ahhhh.



Things have changed in the past couple weeks and we’re using this room a bunch!

spare cords office bedroom

There are a few more cords than I remember.

spare bedroom office

And I’ve maximized the closet storage 😉

craft room decluttering

My goal this weekend? Getting this room looking like a functional space again. I need to organize big time! Craft season is upon us! Craft Room vs Music & Movie Studio. We can have it both ways I think. 🙂

What would you do with an extra room in your home?


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