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give to the max day

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I’d like to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for this PSA.

Thursday, November 13th is Give to the Max Day. It’s a day where nonprofit organizations all over ask for your help. Whether or not you already give to a favorite charity, #GTMD is a day that we try to get everyone on board because we need all the help we can get! So I’m asking you to take a minute to think about charity.

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My favorite organization is Cheerful Givers. Our mission is “to provide toy-filled birthday gift bags to food shelves and shelters so that parents living in poverty can give their child a birthday gift. We believe this simple gesture boosts self-esteem, enhances self-worth, and strengthens bonds in families.”

You can learn more about it at

It’s the one day I’ll ask you to make a donation, because if enough people do, we can truly make a difference.


Whether you know it or not, thousands of children (154,400 last year alone) are living in poverty. They either live in homeless shelters or regularly use food shelves to get by. And that means there is no room to buy a birthday present on their one special day.

So if that’s not reason enough…

We have so many cool incentives this year. First, Tim Mahoney, previous performer on The Voice, and local musician, has been working with Cheerful Givers for quite a few years. He’s offered to make a video for one lucky donor. He’ll pick a random donor of any amount, and sing your favorite song in a special video just for you.

tim mahoney

Secondly, All Star baseball player Michael Cuddyer (former MN Twin and now NY Met) will give a personal tweet to anyone who donates $50+. All you need is a twitter handle. What a guy!

michael cuddyer

We also have matching donations coming in from many sources including AAA, Joe & Maddie Mauer, Brian & Lisa Duensing, Michael & Claudia Cuddyer & Justin & Kristin Morneau. Wow, those Twins players and their lovely wives really stepped up to the plate. This means your donations will be doubled November 12th and 13th only!

Every hour an individual donor will be randomly chosen by to win a “Golden Ticket.” An additional $2,000 will be given to the charity that received the original donation. Pre-scheduled donations will be eligible for this as well.


Finally at the end of the day, will randomly choose two donors and those charities will receive $20,000. So your donation of $20 or more could be multiplied by a thousand!

Really, it’s an amazing charity and we’ve been working hard to hit our goals. We’re on target to reach our 1 millionth child next year! With every $10, we’re able to make a birthday gift that can be distributed to a child in need. So every little bit counts. I really hope you’ll consider making a donation in any amount. I sincerely hope one of you wins one of these cool prizes. Whether or not you choose Cheerful Givers for this Give to the Max Day, I hope you’ll consider giving back in some way. There are many wonderful and deserving charitable organization who need our support.

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Leah and Joe

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  1. Debs

    Aww, that’s awesome that you’re doing that! I work with a group in Stillwater that helps give young girls the tools they need to stay healthy (physically and mentally) before they hit their teens regarding body image and exercise (and nutrition). It’s still very small, and the lady who runs it hasn’t established a donation channel. Do you know anything about how to start that kind of thing?

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