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We have a lot of things to share coming up. It’s been a whirlwind week, so hang tight. Not to mention it’s Joe’s birthday tomorrow – Happy 26th Joe!

Meanwhile, we’re working on winterizing, holiday projects, and converting a new room.

We started with this vacant room that was filled to the brim with things. It started off as a bedroom, but when Joe’s roommate Jeff moved out, it was left pretty bare. Since there’s nobody who wanted to rent it, Joe wanted to give the space a little renovation. We’re currently working on putting that together!


organizing before picture


coming soon

And the stuff? We sold most of it (courtesy of my mom and grandma) and made about $100 each. Not too shabby, eh? Much more successful than the first time we tried having a sale.

garage sale


Water Fountain

DIY water fountain

Joe has this out in the yard now. I think he made this fountain a few years ago. It’s probably coming in for the winter soon 🙁



I may as well reverse the order of all these photos because it’s almost time to take the trampoline down. A few good weeks of jumping and that’s all we got. Until next year, jumping buddies. Until next year.


setting up a trampoline

how to set up a trampoline

assembling a trampoline

trampoline instructions

DIY trampoline assembly instructions

There’s no rhyme or reason for the trampoline… Joe just wanted one. The story goes as such: Joe and I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and found some in the couple-hundred-dollar-range. And then he found this one on Craiglist for $30 or $40. Moral of the story? Find a cheaper trampoline. Much like hot tubs, people are keen to offload them.


We had a groundbreaking ceremony at our new future office. Here’s a cool little article from the Strib. It was fun to walk around and tour the site yesterday morning. There’s a lot of clay out there currently. April 2016 is the projected completion date.

architectural drawings

These are the architectural drawings ^

groundbreaking photos

architectural drawings Minnesota

new campus groundbreaking CAD designs

architectural renderings

groundbreaking ceremony


What are you going to be for Halloween? We’ve got some fun ideas coming.

costume T-shirt

Crock Pot Recipe

Now accepting all slow cooker recipes! I’m in the market for ideas. Please share 🙂

crock pot slow cooker meal


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