DIY Laminated Recipe Book


Laminated Recipe Book DIYUnprocessed October is coming up! And that means a lot of time in the kitchen for me. To help make my life a little easier, I whipped out my recipe book. And to help make your life a little easier, I’m sharing my splash-proof laminated cookbook DIY idea.

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Plant Grant | Part 1


 plant grant header

Front Yard Landscaping

Happy Arbor Day! Do you like free plants? Then this post is for you. Showing our habitat some love today with this front yard project. I wish I had some before pictures for you — I’ve looked high and low, but can’t find any — so you’ll just have to take my word when I tell you how badly our front yard was in need of some landscaping. This is a project we actually tackled in the fall, but the fruits of our labor are finally starting to show!

trees budding


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Operation Dock Extraction


End of Summer


You know it’s been a great summer when it’s still summer weather in October. It was in the 60’s this week and it’s almost Halloween! I can’t believe how lucky we’ve been to have this. But, we know it won’t last, so we’ve started winterizing. Yes, the W word. Last weekend we had a farewell to summer sendoff and started cleaning up the yard.

You know you’re a Minnesota home owner when… Most of these hit too close to home. Especially 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 12.
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Updates October


summer to fall

All Things Fall

We have a lot of things to share coming up. It’s been a whirlwind week, so hang tight. Not to mention it’s Joe’s birthday tomorrow – Happy 26th Joe!

Meanwhile, we’re working on winterizing, holiday projects, and converting a new room.

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Concrete Jungle


Concrete Slab

It’s a Jungle Out There

And by out there, I mean in the back yard. Hey life is what you make it – maybe it’s just a simple pile of hardened dirt, but it’s pretty darn exciting to us. The yard is really coming together! And you may even notice a new addition out there…

This task involved a lot of 2×4’s, H₂O and this:

DIY concrete slab

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Good Things Come in 3’s (1/3)


DIY food dehydration

Good Things Come in 3’s

They do! And I’m gonna make you guess the next two in my trio of trio posts.

I make great use of the food dehydrator – it’s so easy to cut up food and leave it for a couple days. Not to mention, it’s a healthy alternative to pre-packaged snacks. It does run up the electric bill a little bit tho…  Hey, anyone want to join me for Unprocessed October? The dehydrator will definitely come in handy! No added salt or sugar to these three snack recipes.

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Fall Funsies


falling for you


Holy smokes- it’s only 2 weeks away! Are you ready for the cool down this week? It’s sure feeling fall to us. And that’s 100% ok. I’m a summer baby, converted fall aficionado. Loving the crisp air.

fall decor

I’m ok with fall, but are they selling Halloween costumes already? I draw the line here.

I don’t have any grand updates, but just some day-to-day stuff that I’ll fire off.


For instance, did you know it was Joe’s 5 year anniversary at work awhile ago?

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