Stadium Lighting


Stadium Lighting

Bright idea

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Joe loves his LED lights. He is a crusader against all things fluorescent, halogen, or incandescent. He will try to upgrade your home’s lighting if you let him. He’ll do it.  For fun. He is so committed to the cause that he mass orders LED lights from China on a regular basis.

Although these, he says, were about $30 from IKEA. I’m sure Swedish lights are just as good. I mean, Joe has no trouble disassembling and reassembling things… Anyway, mix his passion for lights with a little foosball, and Joe has a big idea… But he can explain it much better for you:

A few spare LED lights, metal piping, and I’m not even sure what those two pieces on the left come from.

Spare lights and rodsBut I know he cut and then welded them to the pipes, because I was instructed to leave the garage or cover my eyes.

Sawing metal

Don’t worry, he’s wearing safeties!

And now the fun part. Joe opens up the beloved Foos. Who knew it even opened?


Scalpel, Light, Electrical tape

This table gets a lot of play at Joe’s house, and this was the make or break incision.

Foostable insides

Ooh, look at its insides

And then he put all the pieces together.

Wires in place

Feeding the wires through the hole

There were pre-existing holes in the table, which helped spur the idea. The boys informed me  those holes once held cigarette ash trays.

Cigarette holder

Like this:

There used to be ash trays for smoking


But thanks to the new stadium lights, we are making that all history. Now they’ll all be manufactured like this:

i see the light

This whole procedure only took them about 35 minutes.

In with the wires

What goes in…

Wires to the outlet

Must come out

We have light

We have light!

Here’s one more game-time video:

Joe and I lost, best 5 of 7. If you were curious.

Ooh, this lamp is cool. Since I’m now browsing IKEA’s online lighting section (oops), I thought I’d share that. Any fun lighting ideas for Joe? He’s got plenty of LED’s around. Should we add stadium seating?