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halloween costumes

Costumes: An Anthology

I’m surprised I didn’t post anything about Halloween costume-making last year. But by now I have two years’ worth of costume concocting photos. Mwa Ha Ha. Would you rather buy your costume or make one? Or maybe you have a tried and true go-to that you wear annually. (I wore my pirate costume 3 years straight. I was in a pirate phase.) I’m definitely a fan of making something out of existing clothes or thrift finds.

I found this awesome mask that would have worked great for last year! If you’re curious to try DIYing a Halloween costume, I’ve got a couple ideas – some take more time than others. I kind of wanted to be a piñata this year, but I had enough assembly with my owl costume last year.


owl mask halloween costume

I had a ton of fun making myself into an owl! Know that it takes a lot of time and patience.

DIY owl Halloween costume

I started with a bunch of felt, feathers and two old dresses.

how to make an owl Halloween costume

I started by cutting and overlapping oval shapes.

felt owl Halloween costume

Then I sewed a bunch of the shapes together into a strand.

how to sew an owl costume

I tried to keep them looking textured by offsetting different colors.

making an owl Halloween costume

I could then string them around this hooded dress, like Christmas tree lights, and hide the stitching between layers.

owl Halloween costume pic

And that’s the best photo I have to show for it! This year I’m seeing a bunch of pre-made owl costumes, but what’s the fun in that?


Joe’s dad told us awhile ago to be Tarzan and Jane, so we decided to make it happen! Joe is obviously a natural Tarzan within. I needed to channel my inner Jane.

DIY Tarzan and Jane Halloween costume

So many options: The Jungle Jane version, the Disney version, Jane Goodall. I kind of mixed all of those ideas and found a few cool pieces to bring it together.

Tarzan and Jane Halloween costume materials

I found some wooden and beaded jewelry at the local Goodwill as well as this clutch and bow.

Panama Jack hat costume safari

This is my favorite! Panama Jack hat for $1.50.

safari hat Panama Jack

I ran some twine through the eyelets to hang off my back.

Halloween costume Disney Tarzan and Jane

I recently bought this pair of shoes that seemed colonial/new world adventurer.

Goodwill Halloween costume ideas

I had this top already in my wardrobe, but found this long mustard skirt.

Goodwill Halloween costume ideas Tarzan and Jane

Jane from Disney wears a plum neck tie ascot thing, but I just attached this to the skirt belt in back.

Tarzan and Jane costume DIY

So I’d say the night was a success! Joe just threw a leopard print blanket around his waist and a cool wooden necklace (also Goodwill.)

Jane costume DIY

Here’s the full Jane. Joe was fully embracing Tarzan, talking in the third person and probably would have climbed some trees, if not for his kilt getting in the way. Now if only we had a pet Cheetah sidekick.

Tarzan and Jane Halloween party DIY

What’s everyone else going as for Halloween?


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