Movie Theater – Phase One


Theater Soffits graphic

What do all legendary theaters have?

a) marquee

b) big screen

c) epic movies

d) great lighting

e) popcorn

f) all of the above

Ding Ding Ding! Everyone’s a winner here. But today we’re talking about d) great lighting. Since, well, that’s what Joe built in The Movie Room.


What is a soffit, you ask?

        sof·fit   noun \ˈsä-fət\

    Definition of SOFFIT

:  the underside of a part or member of a building (as of an overhang or staircase); especially:  the intrados of an arch

Origin of SOFFIT

French soffite, from Italian soffitto, from Vulgar Latin*suffictus, past participle of Latin suffigere to fasten underneath 

First Known Use: 1592

Other Architecture Terms

Rhymes with SOFFIT

Soffit blueprints

Soffit blueprints

So there ya have it – Thanks dictionary!

Steve and Kyle assembled sections of soffits and did the hang-as-you-go method

You can install them indoors or outdoors – it’s a little touch that is subtle, but really elegant.  And the best part? You just need some 2×4’s, lights, and manpower.

They look and sound more complicated than they are. Easy for me to say, but allow the gentlemen in flannel to demonstrate.

I wish I could take more credit in this phase of The Movie Room, but as you can see, the men rocked this. In their flannel shirts and work boots. I think it was flannel day.

Build out is almost complete here. After all the soffits were hung, it just left sheet rocking and painting over all of them. This all happened in two afternoons. Kyle, Steve, Jeff, Dalton and Joe got this done pretty quickly!

Almost done. Just a few gaping holes to make in the wall for the new light switches. Dimmers.

Alright, now the ginormous movie screen can come down. But it’s all about the theater lighting. Don’t let them steal the show. Oh yeah, Joe got a remote-controlled retractable movie screen. And the lights are all controlled by remote. More on that! Along with painting, decorating, speakers and general cinematic magic. Cinemagic?

Any good movie recommendations? We need a silver screen TV series to get into, Netflix style.


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