Behind the Scenes


Spring Cleaning


Elbow Grease

It was truly March Madness for us – A month for the record books. We put an offer on a house, had it contingently accepted, had to make a mad dash to sell a house, and a bunch of aftermath that we’re currently weeding through. There were many, many things that needed to take place in order for everything to fall exactly into place. There was probably some divine intervention, because whatever took place was of superhuman effort. Good thing we know some pretty super humans 🙂

This is a sampling of what we needed to do. The majority of our work was taping, mudding, prepping walls, painting walls, shampooing carpet, getting everything into boxes and out of the house, repainting coats of paint and generally polishing and deep cleaning every square inch. Joe’s house cleaned up pretty nicely! But few of us got to be behind the scenes. Lemme tell you, it wasn’t so pretty. But it was all worth it in the end.

To-Do Lists

to-do list page 1

to-do list page 2

…You get the gist. It feels so good to look back at those now-checked boxes.

The Photos


Packing things away


Michael, say goodbye to your TV for awhile




Paint party!


Vacuum hero

barn door

Sanding ’til dawn

packing clothes



Packing up the goods

window washing

Window Warshin’


All done!

I will leave you with this until next time. When we show you the staging process. Next week, on Serial… I know I’m late to the game, but I just discovered the Serial podcast and am hooked. Anyone have a good podcast to share? I need a replacement! Oh yeah, and Joe is getting his hair buzzed off today he says.

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