Happy Halloween (Twenty Fourteen)!


Happy Halloween

BOO! Trick-or-Treat! Hocus Pocus Abbbra Cadabra! Whatever you are supposed to say for Halloween. We’re not exactly sure what our plans are tonight; Joe keeps saying he’s going trick or treating. Har Har.

I opted to not buy giant bags of candy, fearing I’d get stuck eating them if we went out… So I guess we’re not staying home. And if we are, we’re definitely hiding with all the lights out! Hey Hey – Spooky movie night idea. Anyhow, we did our duty of passing out candy last year.

2013 Joe’s Parties

Joe got to be King of the weekend with his golden 25th birthday last year. Here are some highlights. Joe’s parents hosted a surprise Golden Bday party with friends, family, coworkers and neighbors. It was like a circle of Joe’s biggest fan club 🙂

Golden Ticket

Most people were able to wear gold.

surprise golden birthday party

We surprised Joe pretty good.

birthday party games Halloween

Here are a couple of my favorite photos from the Minute To Win It games.

fun party game ideas



For my surprise, I got a bunch of Joe’s friends to come jump on trampolines with us.

Skyzone birthday party

Clearly it’s a children’s place, but c’mon. Who cares. They said a 40 y.o. had a party there.

skyzone party dogeball

Some people dressed up. We got in a few rounds of dodgeball.

Skyzone birthday party adults

You can even spot Joe in the background.



So now you know what we did last Halloween weekend. And you’ve seen what we did for this year. So the question is…

trick or treaters

Where will YOU be on All Hallows Eve?



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