Cedar Mailbox


new cedar mailbox header DIY

It was really about time we replaced our old mailbox. Parts of our house may be falling into disrepair, but hey! check out that sexy mailbox. Abra Kadabra, Distractya! The new mailbox makes us feel a little better about the rest of our messy situation at least. And we’ve gotten a few compliments from passersby. Most improved mailbox award goes to … us!

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Happy Halloween (Twenty Fourteen)!


Happy Halloween

BOO! Trick-or-Treat! Hocus Pocus Abbbra Cadabra! Whatever you are supposed to say for Halloween. We’re not exactly sure what our plans are tonight; Joe keeps saying he’s going trick or treating. Har Har.

I opted to not buy giant bags of candy, fearing I’d get stuck eating them if we went out… So I guess we’re not staying home. And if we are, we’re definitely hiding with all the lights out! Hey Hey – Spooky movie night idea. Anyhow, we did our duty of passing out candy last year.

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Concrete Jungle


Concrete Slab

It’s a Jungle Out There

And by out there, I mean in the back yard. Hey life is what you make it – maybe it’s just a simple pile of hardened dirt, but it’s pretty darn exciting to us. The yard is really coming together! And you may even notice a new addition out there…

This task involved a lot of 2×4’s, H₂O and this:

DIY concrete slab

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Hot Tub Speakers


how to install hot tub speakers

 Turn Down For What?

What, the neighbors called? Oh ok, we better turn down.

In full disclosure, we did this way back in October. Some of the details of the process are a bit fuzzy in my memory, but I’m sure Joe could replicate it in his sleep. This is by far one of the most-used spaces of the house (yard). So the speakers were a huge upgrade.

If anyone wants to listen to music outside, they only need to bluetooth their phone or mp3 player to the sound system. You can even leave the phone indoors — safe from the water. Volume control is an arm’s length away. Nice for the wintertime. We did this all in one night, so bare with me on the documentation. Should have taken notes, goshdangnit!

pyle 400 watt outdoor waterproof speakers

Started with a standard outdoor pair of speakers.

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Cabin Fever


night rides pontoon lights

On a Boat

Since Joe’s boat is still in the shop, Pam and Carl were naive kind enough to borrow Joe their pontoon. (Just kidding, Pam, you know Joe is a very responsible young man.) We had a hoot last weekend with the following toys and tricks. And we returned the fully insured boat back in one piece. (In case you’re wondering if this tale has a tragic or happy ending.)

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GoKarts, Jetskis and Bikes, oh my


pink go kart

Hot Wheels

How bout those wheels? This pretty much sums up the spring. On-the-go. The grass in the front and back yards is looking great, thanks to all the rain lately. So far this spring we’ve been camping, Joe went to the WI Dells, I’ve been playing softball, and we’ve been just generally staying up with grad parties, birthdays (lotsa birthdays), and yard work.

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Home Sickness


Leah and Joe


Home is Where the Heart is

My heart’s in Florida right now, but I’m counting down the hours before I get to see Joe at the airport. Snow is falling, just in time for a true Minnesota homecoming. Nobody in his right mind would be excited to leave sunny Tampa for a few feet of snow. Joe’s an exception. We’re both pretty excited. It’s only been two weeks, but it feels like months.

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