backyard cleanup

Putting the Yard to Work

At last! You may remember that we put in irrigation a couple months back. And we did reseed the back lawn as well. But that’s about it. It already looks better, but was in a pretty sad state. We always brainstorm such great plans for the back, but they never seem to come to fruition. The back is primarily the hangout for bonfires, hammock nights, and the bunnies’ playground. Yard work is now underway! (I know, I know. Summer’s almost over. shhhh. Don’t tell the lawn.)

backyard clean up

This undertaking involves me pulling weeds and Joe shoveling rocks! How fun, right?

pull weeds shovel rocks

The landscaping is basically nonexistent. The previous owners may have had some sort of design flow going on, but we’re not sure what is was. And honestly, we were never that concerned about it.


Whatever flowers or plants were once there, the rabbits have since gobbled up.

Everything is covered in shrubbery. It’s a wasteland.

boat weeds

Many boats have been claimed by the ferocious tide of greenery. Actually just the one. Takers on the boat? No, seriously.

go karts

We kind of use the yard as storage… Guilty as charged.

jet ski hull

Is this a jetski?

So back to the story. We just figured we’d clean it up some. You know, now that the front lawn is looking fly. Joe’s already done quite a bit. I need to pull all those weeds you see.

yardscaping landscaping

Word must have gotten out that Joe was in the market for rocks!

DIY landscaping rocks

These are from two different neighbors.

how to landscape on a budget

It took many a wheel barrow trip between various houses. Joe did some outlining of areas we hope to fill in with mulch or smaller rocks. And maybe even plant life! Oooo.

backyard landscaping ideas

This area is now almost 100% weed-free! New and improved!

yard work landscaping

Here’s another lovely before shot. We’ll let you know once it’s pretty.

cleaning up flower beds

And this is only one small portion of the bedding.

firewood pile

We also organized the firewood pile!

DIY fire pit

Here is where it used to be. We cleaned up some brush and had a nice daytime bonfire 🙂

backyard bonfire couch

There is still some work to be done, but progress at least feels pretty darn good.


What’s everyone else been up to? My friend Nicole refinished some dressers. They turned out great! Love the cherry stain.

DIY dresser stain

refinishing an old dresser

I’d love to do something like this: Furniture Pickling is all the rage. I’m pro reclaimed wood.

reclaimed wood pickling

Love it or hate it?

Oh and I made my first ever loaf of bread! Thanks to my neighbor Jessica for making me feel brave enough to try.



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