It’s Alive! Margarita Cupcakes


Margarita flavored cupcake recipe

How To

This is a totally made up recipe on which, I admit, I went a little mad sciency. They turned out pretty good, so I thought I’d share with any sweet teeth looking for something to bring to a picnic… or fiesta. They’re not very patriotic, but that ship has sailed. America let me down in the World Cup. Then again, so did Mexico.

how to make margarita cupcakes

Does it matter? Let’s all eat cupcakes and put our differences aside. Oh and happy belated Canada Day. I want to cover all my bases here.

No, there’s no tequila in these cupcakes, or my belly, if you are wondering.

Making and Baking

key lime pie cake mix

Here’s the base. Just your standard box of lime cake mix.

egg whites key lime greek yogurt

Made extra fluffy with egg whites. And extra “healthy” with yogurt subbing for oil.

baking with crystal light margarita mix

Now here’s the secret ingredient for that margarita flavor.

DIY margarita cupcakes crystal light mix

One pack of powder will do.

cupcake tins

I filled my cupcake tins about 1/4.

lindt white chocolate lime truffles

Then added a citrus white chocolate ball to the batter.

baking with lindt chocolate

And filled the tins another 1/4 to cover the chocolates.

baking with lindt chocolate balls cupcakes

Then bake them! (Note, I filled more batter on top before baking.)


frosting and neon food coloring

After they cool, the fun starts. I had yellow frosting on hand, so I added electric green food dye.

DIY coloring your own frosting with food coloring food dye

Not quite yellow enough.

how to make neon cupcake frosting


green sprinkles

Topped them with some green sprinkles. Lime jello would do in a pinch.

And of course, margarita salt for the kick.

jolly ranchers bites lemon lime sour gummies

I went a little crazy with the sour gummies.

white chocolate filled margarita cupcakes recipe

But they were oh so worth it.

cinco de mayo recipe margarita cupcakes

If I did it again, I’d omit the chocolate just because there are so many flavors going on already.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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