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Apartment Department

Hello IKEA

Welcome to your new apartment, now may I introduce you to IKEA?

Renting a new apartment can be a lot of fun, and a lot of work. I’m jealous of my friend Maria in that she gets a fresh canvas to decorate. Not jealous of all the packing and unpacking involved. I’m so excited to see her put it all together. Mainly so we can get around to that house-warming party! Here are some of the fun ideas she already has.


ClockShe snagged this fantastic clock from Franchesca’s. And she gets an employee discount, lucky girl. There are some painted accent walls in her place, so she figures this goes with any of them. And any new walls in future living quarters. Smart!

Old Posters

She has some favorite old posters she’s collected over the years.

Vintage Posters with Oscar Hiding

The plan is to make a framed collage on a wall with these, plus some new ones from an antique store nearby in St. Paul. Can I say “new antique”? Well, new home for an old poster anyway.

Vintage Posters

Did you spot a little friend? Hi Oliver! He’s pretty content living in a cardboard box.


Next, she has these beautifully detailed ceramic wings. They are about a foot long. Not sure where yet, but they’ll likely be mounted on a wall somewhere in the living room.

Pin BoardWhat’s a good kitchen hallway without a pin board? What a sweet little communal spot for taking inventory on groceries and making notes. 

Maria Table

Enter kitchen. Bare bones right now, but I love the potential for the kitchen set.

One chair

A good paint and upholster job is definitely happening.


Joe and I aren’t the only ones on a key craze. Look at this jumbo skeleton key key rack. So meta!

Key and CutiesIt could be really cute over the desk. Just sayin’.

MOI workspace

As for me, I’m digging this working/lounge space. Love the mint. And all the natural light from the thin blinds and windows everywhere. I’m especially smitten with the storage bench lounge by the back window. It all looks built-in. Great nook!

Apartment Therapy

I like to take notes from apartment dwellers because they use their space so well. Any apartment peeps out there? What do you like or not like about your space? Any multi-purpose furniture we need to know about? I miss apartment living sometimes. Something about the coziness. But then again, I don’t miss walking up three flights of stairs and hearing and smelling everything within a 500 foot radius. I’ll try to follow up with the finished layout on Maria’s new place. Thanks for the tour Matt and Maria!