Home Sickness


Leah and Joe


Home is Where the Heart is

My heart’s in Florida right now, but I’m counting down the hours before I get to see Joe at the airport. Snow is falling, just in time for a true Minnesota homecoming. Nobody in his right mind would be excited to leave sunny Tampa for a few feet of snow. Joe’s an exception. We’re both pretty excited. It’s only been two weeks, but it feels like months.

I miss the everyday adventures and off-the-wall projects. Next week, I’m looking forward to us starting a top-secret structure. And showing you a few bigger jobs from projects past. I miss the typical days. Wait, are there typical days? Nope, and I love it! Here’s our kind of Friday night. The kind I’m missing right about now.

Day Night in the Life

We both have day jobs, so we’re using all our free time to work on fun projects.


Typical “working date” night

stella and root

May include a couple brews. Can you guess whose is whose?


There are always new toys in the garage (shop)

Boys and carts

And always friends over working on them

Joe and Trevor

A trip to Menards or Home Depot with neighbors is a standard.

late Menards run

Looking fashionable as always on this late-night run


Doing a little fix-up project for my parents.


And admiring sinks along the way.


Isn’t this one cool too? I like the city skyline backsplash.

keys to my heart

We must be thinking similar thought. I send Joe this photo.

key perThen he sent me this one from a room in his building.

Anticipation is Key

This week has gone by ever so slowly. And not without hiccups. Do you ever get the feeling you’re being tested and tried to the max? That’s been this past fortnight. My theme song would have to be “Manic Monday” on repeat for two weeks. But whenever one us of has a bad day, it seems like the other has a great day. So hopefully Joe had an awesome time! Looking forward to seeing and sharing all of his photos, videos and stories.

Kitchen island secret

Psst… Joe, I’ve got a new project for us! Secret tunnel under kitchen island. See you soon!

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