It’s Gonna be a Crafty Christmas


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Crafty Christmas

Looking for Christmas crafts this year? I’ve got some super simple ideas that you can whip up. Honestly, if I can make them, so can you. It’s always fun to give/receive a personalized gift. Bonus points if you make it. If that’s not your style, no big deal. But this post is for all the Christmas DIY’ers.


I made coaters again, this time for my coworkers. I had to reference my tutorial from last year just to remember how. But they’re just like riding a bike – pretty simple to pick up again. I found these funny napkins at World Market last year.

Christmas crafts coasters

DIY coasters mod podge


I bought a few little candles and peeled the labels from them. I took some music paper and stamped the names of my friends on the paper, then cut them to the size of the labels. The jars were still sticky, so it was easy to stick the new labels on. The candles were less than $1 each. Then just added some twine bows!
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Fall Funsies


falling for you


Holy smokes- it’s only 2 weeks away! Are you ready for the cool down this week? It’s sure feeling fall to us. And that’s 100% ok. I’m a summer baby, converted fall aficionado. Loving the crisp air.

fall decor

I’m ok with fall, but are they selling Halloween costumes already? I draw the line here.

I don’t have any grand updates, but just some day-to-day stuff that I’ll fire off.


For instance, did you know it was Joe’s 5 year anniversary at work awhile ago?

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Operation: Desk Ergonomic













Results Are In

I officially love my desk post-modifications. As a lot of you big kids know, sitting at the office 8+ hours each day can have a serious effect on your posture. I make a major effort to take stretch breaks and walkabouts. But when the bulk of time is spent in your chair, arms at the keyboard, eyes facing the monitor, that’s not enough. So think about how important your seating position is — at the end of the day it’s going to make a difference. For those of us who have next and shoulder trouble already, it’s especially important. I ordered a laptop stand that you see in the picture above, but it just wasn’t cutting it. So I had to take matters into my own hands.

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New Apartment Love






Apartment Department

Hello IKEA

Welcome to your new apartment, now may I introduce you to IKEA?

Renting a new apartment can be a lot of fun,¬†and a lot of work. I’m jealous of my friend Maria in that she gets a fresh canvas to decorate. Not jealous of all the packing and unpacking involved. I’m so excited to see her put it all together. Mainly so we can get around to that house-warming party!¬†Here are some of the fun ideas she already has.

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Fresh Canvas



New Works of Art

Ok, not the finest art but hey. I like simple pick-me-ups. I spotted these mini canvases, where else but at Menards. I was just rummaging through them and found 2 that I just couldn’t leave without. Actually 3, but I made myself choose just two.

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