DIY Reclaimed Wood Signs


DIY wood signs

Craft Show Collection

I started making a few signs, not thinking too much about them, for my personal stash. Then not too long ago I noticed a craft show needing vendors, so I thought, “Why not sign up?” Honestly, it was an impulsive move, but I’m kinda obsessed now and I’m super excited to finish putting my collection together. I have until late November to round up the rest of my ideas, but it’s great to have a goal with a deadline to get me in the craft zone. It’ll be the perfect time for holiday gifts. Nothing like a little personal (and now public) accountability to make it happen. Here are just a few of the signs I’ve finished already.

I Need your Opinion

It would be really helpful for me to gauge interest and determine pricing. So if you would, please leave a comment way down below with how much you would realistically pay if you were walking around a craft show; that would be most helpful for me! I’ve got multiples of some, so I’d also love to know which to make more of. Ideas are definitely welcome! I know there are some creative minds out there.

DIY reclaimed wood sign workshop

My curent workshop

All the wood used has been harvested from scrap piles, barns, cabins, job sites, or are leftover from projects. This makes me really happy. I love giving things new life.

DIY ‘Welcome’ Sign

You may have seen sneak peeks on our instagram page of some of these already, but here’s a better look. My welcome sign is already home, and I’m not sure I could make a replica if I wanted to. This guy is 4’6″x9″.

DIY welcome sign reclaimed wood

The board was already beautifully painted and weathered

DIY ‘Man Cave’ Sign

I’ve got a few of these in the works. Joe has been playing around with this wood burn technique.

DIY Man Cave Sign reclaimed wood

 3' x 11"

DIY ‘Play’ Sign

I think this would be really cute in a kid’s bedroom, game room or even backyard fort or treehouse.

DIY reclaimed wood sign play

2'9" x 10"


DIY ‘10,000 Lakes’ Sign

This one was made from my dad’s old truck license plate, and a few other found materials. I tried to stick with the license plate theme.

DIY 10,000 lakes Minnesota sign

3'2" x 11"

DIY ‘Love’ Sign

This one is really simple, and I love the wood color. I added a couple champagne glasses to the left. I saw this as a wedding gift or decor for a wedding.

DIY Love sign reclaimed wood

3' x 7"


DIY ‘Up North’ Signs

I have a handful of these already made. I left the boards unfinished, but could easily do a variety of finishes. These ones are slightly smaller.

DIY Up North reclaimed wood sign

DIY Up North reclaimed wood sign

3' x 7"



DIY Up North reclaimed wood sign

These are partially finished. Both have hearts as the O

That’s a quick sample. As I said, there are many more in the works. I’d really appreciate your feedback! Let me know if there’s something you’d love to see. I’m practicing my hand-lettering right now 😉 We also have figured out some weathering techniques for wood that we’ll share later.

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3 thoughts on “DIY Reclaimed Wood Signs

  1. Kaitlyn O.

    I am in love with that welcome sign! The big thing is, don’t under price. I see a lot of these (depending on size) going anywhere from $35-75 generally.

    • Leah

      Yes, agree! I think it’s way better to pay for something handmade. And I think the industry is doing a great job of valuing that. I’m sure as a graphic designer and photographer you get it – we are responsible to keep the value and quality high and not undercut the market.

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