Movie Room posters


Movie posters


…to the movie room! We’ve shown you the awnings and build-out, but where’s the real movie magic? Just kidding, that was pretty magical. Not to mention a lot of work.

The ambiance is now in full swing with lighting set to a couple different dimmer switches: Two tracks on the sides and one over the fireplace. With multicolored LEDs tucked underneath. (Joe’s very favorite thing since sliced bread.)

So you’re wondering, where is the movie theater?


I think there’s a remote control somewhere around here for that…

Oh here it is. Right above the mantle. It retracts! Joe is a pro at installing these. That’s a whole different subject, but I’m sure he can walk you through the process.

movie time

Joe is big into his Sunday movie nights and we love having a bunch of people over for a high pressure football game, so we definitely make use of this room! There just wasn’t much to look at when the screen is up. Until now…

So question for you:

What do all of these have in common?

Fonts croppedThey all look amazing …

On the big screen

Why not choose some favorite films and make a few posters around the room?

wall art

We are expanding this, but here’s the start!


(Note the projector up above!)

Imagine yourself watching a horror movie. It’s midnight. You get up for a drink of water. And BAM!


You find yourself face to face with King Kong. I get scared sometimes. No joke.

Mirrors and posters

Here are the supplies we gathered – Photo paper, a laminator, photos of our choice, and hexagon-shaped mirrors. We bought a bunch of these mirrors from IKEA one day.

IKEA mirrors

They come in a combo pack of gold, bronze and silver. Only $15 for a pack of 10!

Also picked up a bamboo plant. Which didn’t make it very long… RIP bamboo.

We started to think, wouldn’t it be cool to hang movie posters all over the movie theater room? And we saw these mirrors and thought – there’s gotta be a way to incorporate them. Chop them into movie clips and make it feel Hollywoodesque.

We brainstormed larger-than-life classic films, so right out of the gate we knew we wanted King Kong and Godzilla.

It would have been really cool to find original posters from when these movies were released, but we couldn’t seem to find anywhere that sold vintage posters. When all else fails, start looking online for high-resolution photos.



So here’s ^ how we created the posters. We first found a photo that we liked. We blew it up in InDesign and put a hexagonal clipping mask over different focal points. It took some experimentation with the printer, but we cut them out with an exacto knife, one by one. It would work just as well to print out a shape and trace your photo out with that.

Then laminated them and grabbed double-faced tape to adhere (firmly!) to the walls along with the mirrors. This makes for a Windex-friendly collage 😉  And that’s about it so far!

We certainly had a few honorable mentions that didn’t make the cut. Which other flicks should we pin up?

P.S. There’s a very cool phase 3 addition to the movie room coming in the mail in a week!

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