Summer 2014


summer 2014

‘Tis the Season

Contrary to popular belief (of you guys), we do more than just work all the time. In fact, we even relax once in a while! We can prove it. Yes, we do take breaks. Yes, we both work a lot. Yes, working on things qualifies as fun for us. There is a season for all things: Work and play. But right now, the season is summer baby!


We had another fun weekend. Peppered in between a grad party, a birthday party and US futbol (whoop!), we spent a weekend ringing in the first day of summer properly. Here are some photos of rock climbing and boating on the first day of summer 2014.

rock climbing vertical endeavors

indoor rock climbing VE

indoor rock climbing VE


We checked out the Forest Lake chain and found a terrific sand beach to anchor ourselves. We experimented with anchoring the pontoon and got to cruise around.

pontoon Forest Lake MN

And got lucky with really beautiful weather!

sand beach Forest Lake MN

puppy on a pontoon

pitbull on pontoon

pitbull puppy on pontoon

pitbull puppy on pontoon

pitbull puppy on pontoon

pitbull puppy on pontoon

pitbull puppy on pontoon

I’m sorry, I can’t get enough of her! The pooch had a fun time on the boat. She had her first swimming lesson too. She didn’t like that too much, but she’ll learn.

pontoon summer

boating sunscreen

tattoos pontoon

anchoring sand bar summer

anchoring sand bar pontoon

anchoring sand bar pontoon

pitbull puppy pontoon

Random Things:

I found a couple follow-up photos.

ice fish house camper

Here’s the nifty bunk house trailer we brought to Erik’s cabin.

green go kart

Here’s the Mean Green Machine. Should we have a demo derby? Or make a Maria Kart course?

What’s everyone doing for 4th of July?

We can’t decide what to do.

Chime in