Big News Tues


Dear Friends we are moving


Yep. We are dreaming big and relocating. The idea has been brewing for a year or so, and the planning has happened behind the scenes. But everything kind of came together in the last few days, so no matter how much planning you do, you can never be 100% ready for any big decision in life. That’s what I’m telling myself at least!  We put in an offer. And they accepted. Contingent upon Joe’s current house selling. Cross your fingers!


“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela


The Houses

We’ve looked at quite a few houses… These are the most recent open houses we popped into. None of them is the one. But we’ll share it if everything goes according to plan. And when we actually have some photos! We first looked at it Thursday night, wrote up an offer Saturday morning, and got the thumbs up Sunday evening. In the meantime, it’s been all hands on deck painting and cleaning Joe’s house to have it ready for showing by the weekend.

In the meantime, please enjoy these runners up. Looking at so many, we came up with a few quick-reference nicknames to keep organized.

The “Ritzy” House

the ritzy house

Just looking for fun. This was on the channel, staged as a nautical paradise with pearls in every room. Um, not quite what we’re looking for.


The “Stucco” House

This was a parcel lot with a huge downstairs kitchen. Pretty cool layout, just out of our price range. We really liked the fireplace in the center with the lookout tower.

stucco house basement kitchen

stucco house fireplace


The one listed wrong

Joe really wanted to see this property. It sat on the market for a long time because the realtor had an incorrect address in the listing. D’oh! But once that was sorted out, it was scooped up.

A-frame house

A frame cabin


The Bargain

We both liked this house and it was at a great price! The only catch? It was an extra 15 minutes away from the maximum we were willing to commute.

bargain house
house shopping

lake houses



More details to come…

But now the snow is melting and everyone’s hitting the pavement, looking for houses. We think we found a pretty good one if we do say so ourselves. Here are some cute pictures of Joe’s bunnies to apologize for misleading you.

cute bunnies

cute bunny pic


2 thoughts on “Big News Tues

  1. Anonymous

    Awwwww so happy for you guys!! This honestly wll make it easier for Carl to move now that you all be gone too! So happy you’re going to be on a lake! Way to go! You kids always amaze me in all you do! Still waiting on a cute pic of you 2 in one of your handmade frames for my room up here! :). Call me for a visit when you have time! Take care!! pam

    • We heard Carl was moving and Lee and Amy eventually want to move, but it will still be hard to leave this amazing neighborhood! A visit would be wonderful 🙂

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