Bathroom Refresh

header bathroom refresh

This bathroom “refresh” isn’t quite a full remodel, but we made some functional and cosmetic upgrades. Working with existing elements, we made the room feel a lot more fresh and bright. Plus I did a thing, a bold thing, that I absolutelylooove!

House Updates

Before I dive in, just want to update everyone on our overall addition progress. We’re probably a lot further along than you think! We’re onto drywall (as of April 2019). Mudding and taping is a big job that will likely take us into summer. Joe refuses to let me post anything because he has mountains of video footage but no time to edit. I want to just post photos. Maybe if you guys beg him, he will get me some video. He’ll listen to you more than me! Better to have photos now than videos later im… I should take a poll. But in all realness, we have so much on our plates right now, the blog has to be downgraded in our priority list. Any spare time is getting our house back together. Life only gets busier from here but I’ll keep posting as I’m able!

DIY Bathroom Refresh

This is not a new bathroom, but our “old” upstairs bathroom. Joe and I made a pact to finish patching the existing house before we dive headfirst into the addition. As tempting as that is, it’s better to have a few rooms complete than a total mess! The entire ceiling here was ripped out due to water damage, so we started with that. We also had a couple walls to repair, so that meant repainting the whole room. Basically a license to revamp it!

Task List

I’m not going to show the “before” or process because we have plenty of dirty and messy posts ahead. But Joe and I hung the drywall — full ceiling and a few walls. We also framed in a new window, did all new trim, recaulked the tub, new dimmer switches and added an exhaust fan.



We have a nice big L-shaped bathroom up here with two entrances. Here’s one door. We’ll have some bathroom towels hiding behind it.

entrance clean

Before, the walls were a little more yellowish. I actually liked the color before because it gave the room a warm glow! I told Joe I was going to paint it yellow again and he said, “Don’t you dare!” He was on a bachelor trip one weekend and I did it. I painted it Clear Yellow. Better to ask forgiveness than permission, right?…

entrance new 2

Before you turn on me, hear me out. It’s only because I knew Joe would like it. It’s an off-white with a hint of yellow for a little warmth. I honestly had doubts myself two coats in because it was so faint. I ended up needing three coats of coverage! But it’s so fresh, warm and airy in here now.


Gotta have my tchotchkes

entrance bright

This room is not a major priority, but down the road 5-10 years we can see a remodel. In the meantime, I want to enjoy and enhance what I like about it!

I played up the vintage, shabby chic, French countryside vibe.


We couldn’t replace the countertops, sinks or tiling, so we had to keep with the brown and tan color scheme. The clear yellow wall color plays well with that. I gave the vanity some love with a coat of paint.


And then I added my splashes of mint green. Remember my DIY milk paint mirror frame? Still a favorite.

header bathroom refresh

I could also see an antique ironstone pitcher in here somewhere. Fun fact: this green vase is the only thing I bought, and it was a gift card so technically that doesn’t even count. (Home Goods, thanks Lora!)

vase corner

I tried to add some texture with this vase. Really don’t like this backsplash, but at least tried to tie it in with some other neutrals.


Fake willow branches and cotton ftw.

lighting close up

This might be a controversial move, but I actually had the chance to replace this hanging lighting and kept it. What can I say, it grew on me. I like the green patina. Plus it would look out of place to have super modern lighting in here.

doorknob patina

Same with the doorknobs. They’re all this rusty gold and silver mix. I think keeping them adds to the story. It matches the rusty vanity cupboard door pulls.

mirror view

So that was the sink area.


New window

entrance vertical

We also added an exhaust fan (it’s actually part of this light fixture.) Joe had to do some ductwork magic.

ceiling closeup

Joe added a knockdown ceiling texture over the new ceiling as well. It’s a bit hard to tell, but I painted the ceiling a bright white.


We also added a switch on the wall with a timer and dimmer for each light. And a second outlet for the jack and jill sinks. Before, only Jill got to charge her electric toothbrush. 🙂


The lovely latrine.

trim 1

So, have you noticed my bold move yet? THE TRIM!

closet door

I took another gamble with Joe and told him to trust me on this. The color is Licorice and it was love at first sight. It’s a really nuanced color: part black, part brown, part green. I’ve been dying to try a high contrast trim with white walls and I am so happy with how it turned out. I think it works well for a big room like this that is mostly neutral. It’s just the right amount of edginess to balance out an otherwise soft space. Who says black and brown don’t match?

trim 2

I got a gallon of high gloss satin paint and tried to salvage the old white trim, but in the end we ripped it out and started fresh with this chunkier trim. I learned the hard way with a dark trim, just paint it beforehand. The smallest imperfections show, even with the straightest tape line and steadiest hand.

bathroom floor

I love how glossy it is. In time, we’ll need to either regrout this floor or install new tile… but I think the black+white is keeping it fresh for now.

magazine holder

You can really see the green tones in this lighting. It’s so subtle. Joe says it’s brown, I say black.

tub curtain closed

Ok, enough of my gushing over dark trim. But I feel like it’s kind of a show stopper. Adds some drama and I love that I can see it pop from the hallway.

shower hooks

Keeping with my French vintage theme, I found these super cute curtain hangers at a yard sale in their original box.

wine bath wide shot curtain

I haven’t had a bath in a year. (We have a shower too, calm down).

wine vertical

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to christen the “new” bathroom.

Hope you enjoyed the bathroom refresh. A mix of old and new. (New drywall, paint, wiring, window, trim. Old tile, countertops, light fixture). This quick revamp should tide us over for a few years while we tackle our other rooms.

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