Bathroom Remodel: How to Tile a Shower


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DIY Shower Tile

Tiling a shower is where the fun really comes in. We’ve been so excited for this phase of the bathroom remodel. And for good reason! It’s actually starting to look like a shower. Joe’s dad gave us a huge hand so we were able to knock out all the tile in a weekend. Check it out!


We planned out the floor first, starting in the back corner, and worked our way out from there. Once we had the stones cut and placed where we liked them, we got out the thin set and got to work tiling.

bathroom tiling tools

Just a few of the tools you’ll need.

river rock shower tile Our river rock came in 1’x1′ pliable square sheets.


DIY shower tile

We liked this stuff because it feels cool on the feet, but it’s flat and smooth. It doesn’t have any jagged edges.


We first cut our sheets in place.

DIY shower tileWe also liked this stone because we could easily snap off individual rocks and move things around.

DIY shower tile

Then we got the thin set tile mortar out and got to work securing them one by one.

DIY shower tile

Let it setup and dry for a day before grouting.

DIY shower tile

I’m not allowed to show you the finished product just yet, but here’s a peek. Don’t tell Joe.

testing tile bathroom floor

Next Up: Finishing the tile, including the shower walls and bathroom floor.



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