It’s Gonna be a Crafty Christmas


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Crafty Christmas

Looking for Christmas crafts this year? I’ve got some super simple ideas that you can whip up. Honestly, if I can make them, so can you. It’s always fun to give/receive a personalized gift. Bonus points if you make it. If that’s not your style, no big deal. But this post is for all the Christmas DIY’ers.


I made coaters again, this time for my coworkers. I had to reference my tutorial from last year just to remember how. But they’re just like riding a bike – pretty simple to pick up again. I found these funny napkins at World Market last year.

Christmas crafts coasters

DIY coasters mod podge


I bought a few little candles and peeled the labels from them. I took some music paper and stamped the names of my friends on the paper, then cut them to the size of the labels. The jars were still sticky, so it was easy to stick the new labels on. The candles were less than $1 each. Then just added some twine bows!

how to make coasters mod podge

Gift Tag Ornaments

I used those same stampers to make gift tags for presents. I bought some heavier shiny bags from a dollar store and cut out shapes (2x) and sewed them together, leaving an opening at the top. I filled the pocket with treats. I used a hole punch to attach a string. That way, they can hang their personalized gift tag on the tree when they get home!

DIY mini personalized candle gifts

You can glue or sew music paper onto the front. I just printed some from online. Then I stamped names onto that layer. If you want to add another texture, feel free to get creative! I added some paper doilies in between. You could do anything.

Ninja Turtles Christmas Bulbs

I found this idea on Pinterest and it looked easy enough.

DIY holiday gift tag ornaments

DIY TMNT ninja turtle Christmas tree ornaments

I found some green bulbs on clearance at Menards.

how to make DIY ninja turtle Christmas tree ornamemts

Had some ribbon that I hot glued.

ribbon and christmas bulbs DIY

Felt, tape, or another material would work for the mask too.

how to make DIY TMNT Christmas bulbs

And I had some googly eyes laying around for some reason. Didn’t realize they have sticky backers, so no need to hot glue them. Found that out the hard way!

TMNT Christmas holiday ornament gift

Then I added a little string to hang on a tree.

Merry Christmas TMNT ornaments

Voila. Took 10 minutes to make 3.

Frosty Gum

This is super easy and inexpensive also. Just buy some gum that has a window. The pop-out kinds like Dentine. Remove the cardboard sheath if you want.

DIY Christmas gifts quick easy

Use a black marker to draw on “coal” eyes and mouth.

DIY frosty snowman gum how to make gum gifts Christmas

I didn’t have an orange marker, but I did have orange tape from another project.


Then I threw in some fun girlie gifts.

dollar store gifts wall art

Found these for $1 a piece. Cute for at your desk.

cigars host gift

And some cigars for the host.

So that’s it! Easy peasy.

Just a few ideas I thought I’d throw out there. Plenty of other Christmas crafts in the pipeline 🙂

Christmas tree

We even put a tree up!

Christmas tree envy

Not quite as grand as this one I pass by every day.

I wish I had taken better photos, but if you have any assembly questions, feel free to ask!

What are your craft ideas?


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