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Joe worked on a house a few months ago, in Stillwater MN, and we were invited to their open house for the grand reveal. It was such a beautiful place! And some of the nicest people ever. Joe did a lot of the behind-the-scenes work: installed a new furnace, reworked some dryer vents, fresh air intake, moved some duck work and some other small fixes. This house was redone from head to toe, and was stunning when it was all finished!

It’s actually a pretty small house – two bedroom, 1.75 bathrooms – but the way they redid the floor plan, it feels realllly spacious. They used every square inch of this house to get the most out of it. I was so impressed.

It’s a mother and daughter combo living here, so they took full liberty to glam it up and add some fun features. The white and crystal throughout the house are so, so pretty. Let’s take a walk through, shall we?

House Tour: White and Crystal


DIY lighting entryway light fixtures

Here’s the lovely entryway. Joe was on the phone with a work call, so I took the chance to snap some pictures 😉

DIY lighting entryway light fixtures

Can you say glamorous? I love this light fixture. It’s not a huge, clunky chandelier, but it definitely makes a bold statement and sets the tone when you first walk in.

DIY living room entryway metallic clock

Everything in this house is white, stainless steel and crystal. It’s really clean and modern.

DIY credenza open house

This credenza is maybe my favorite part. It’s in the kitchen on the other side of the stairs. It’s the perfect thing for hosting. I could totally see a baked potato bar or taco night happening right here. And so much storage for a small kitchen!


DIY kitchen

Here’s a shot from upstairs. Don’t you love the floors? And those pendant lights, I loooove. The center island has sparkly speckles in it that catch the light just right. Everything in the kitchen shimmers.

DIY kitchen wine cooler beer fridge beverage station

This beer/wine fridge is the coolest. (Pun intended) You can control the temperature separately on each side.

whitewash fireplace brick

This fireplace is one of the prettiest ever. I love how the lights are angled right down onto the mantle.

DIY whitewash brick fireplace

She said she wasn’t super happy with how white it turned out, so hopefully they were able to strip some of the paint off. I think she wanted more of the whitewashed look. But this still looks great in my opinion.

DIY entertainment area whitewash brick fireplace

Their little entertainment area

DIY basement sofa

Cozy downstairs with a nice big window


DIY basement sofa

Backyard view


DIY guest bedroom murphy bed

This office doubles as a guest bedroom. The hideaway murphy bed folds up into the wall when not in use. Pretty smart use of the room for out-of-town guests.


DIY laundry room space efficiency granite countertop

This is the .75 bathroom/laundry room combo. I wouldn’t mind a laundry station like this. Granite countertop for folding clothes.


DIY laundry room space efficiency granite countertop

Plenty of storage. Joe put the new furnace in a vacant area between rooms, and covered it with panels like he did in our old bathroom, so you can access if from the hallway. You’d never know it was there. Just one example of how they squeezed out the most usable space possible.


DIY bathroom subway tile hammered copper sink

These look like hammered bronze sinks. Love that look next to the subway tile!



DIY bedroom shelves bohemian

Her teenage daughter’s bedroom is an exception to the white and shimmery theme. It’s definitely got a more bohemian vibe.

DIY bedroom curio armoire

The master bedroom makes great use of the space with this armoire. I feel the pain of having a small closet too. :'(

DIY nightstand tables

Does this feels like it belongs in a hotel room or what? If that’s what makes someone feel relaxed and pampered, this would be an awesome retreat at the end of the day.

DIY bedroom sconces lamps hotel

The bedside lamps can swivel in and out. And that studded headboard!

DIY bedroom bathroom

Here’s the view out to the hallway and into the master bathroom.

DIY tile backsplash bath tub custom

She likes both showers and baths, so they made room for both! The custom bath tub area turned out really great. It looks a little snug in this picture, but it didn’t feel like it at all once you’re in there.


DIY vanity lighting light fixtures

Lots of soft lighting

DIY vanity tile hammered bronze sink

The vertical backsplash tiles are a really nice touch, continuing the tile pattern from the kitchen.

custom shower DIY

Here’s the other side of the showers.

This totally inspired me. They didn’t sacrifice a thing just because they had a smaller area to work with. It’s not always about size, but how you use it. Joe’d been sending me little updates here and there, keeping me posted on the progress. So it was fun to finally see it all, and see how everything came together just right. Thanks for letting us tour!

So, what was your favorite part?

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