Bathroom Remodel: Knockdown and Niches


DIY shower niches inset

Niches get Stitches

First things first. We had in mind that we’d like some shelves in the shower, right? Not any after-the-fact shelves, but real built-ins. There are a few ways to get recessed, inset shelves installed from the get go. Let’s explore the options.

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Total Transformation


Under Construction

It’s been a whirlwind week! From finding a dream house to making an offer. Having the offer accepted to putting Joe’s house on the market… Wow. There was so much work put into his house, I can’t even believe it all started only one week ago. All I can say is THANK YOU to everyone who came over to move a truckload of boxes, shampoo the carpet, paint a room or jump on deep clean duty. We would have never been able to make that kind of progress alone. You were unconditionally there for us when we needed you.

Pulling Back the Curtain

shower curtain

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Door Progress 3


the full monty door

Case Closed

It’s been a long road, but you’ve stuck with us for 3 posts. You’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. The sweat and tears. But at last our mystery comes to an end. You can recap the start and middle if you want to relive the glory days. But I really couldn’t draw out the suspense for this door project any further, even if I wanted to.

So without further stalling…

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Bathroom Remodel: Phase Two


Ok, you can come in now!Onto Phase Two

There was a lot of good grunt work that went into this one, but it went pretty smoothly once we got our process down.

We couldn’t be happier with how the whole bathroom turned out!

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Bathroom Remodel


Enter the bathroom

Tiling and Painting

Since we did the dual shower heads, we decided to extend Project Bathroom Renovation. Come check it out!

DSC01908Enter if you dare

We noticed some mold spots starting to come through the paint in the shower, so we took the chance to do our first ever tiling job. The previous homeowners had only an eggshell paint in the bathroom, which was just asking for mold spores.
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