Bathroom Remodel: DIY Shower Tile Walls


DIY Tiling Shower

DIY Shower Tile

We’ve come a long way with this little shower of ours. Once you see the tile, you’re going to stop wondering if all this work is worth it and jump on the DIY bandwagon! We chose a really easy, affordable tile to work with, without a lot of crazy accents or small shapes to cut. But dang. I don’t think we could have asked for a better effect.



Tile Without Grout

We’re so close, yet so far. Once we show you the tile grouted, it will look so much better. Not to mention, usable for you know, showering. We started with the stone floor and picked two wood grain tiles from there that would match. I think they came in around only $2.50 per box of ten. Needless to say, this was the most expensive portion of the bathroom project. Even with simple tile, we came up with something creative and polished. 100% happy with the end result!

DIY shower tile install

We knew we wanted a strip of rock climbing up the wall. We drew inspiration from this shower below.
shower wall tile inspiration

Inspired in part by hogaresfrescos.

DIY shower tile ceilng

Our half higher ceiling maneuver really paid off. Moving the air duct over and clearing some head room not only makes it more comfortable and roomy, but it looks crazy cool. Joe was adamant about tiling this part with rocks too, so we went ahead and added them.


DIY shower tile ceiling

We were able to get the most milage out of both tile patterns, and only made simple cuts with our wet tile cutter.

DIY shower tile

This accent was a happy surprise that we completely adore. Joe’s dad was playing around with the rock sheets and we decided to keep it just like that.

river rock shower tile

We got really lucky with these rocks. They’re so versatile. We saved a few sheets in case we decide to do a matching backsplash for the bathroom sink too!

DIY shower tile

I love the repetition of this pattern. It adds a ton of charm without being too busy-looking. Wait ’til you see the whole thing come together. Ooooh, so excited.


DIY shower tile

We just need our piece of glass where the level is, and we can call this shower good to go.

DIY shower tile niches

Our niches turned out really well.

tile diamond cutter

If you’re wondering how to cut the holes for your shower jets and shower heads, you need one of these diamond cutter attachments. Joe was pretty proud that he scored these for ~$60 from the Tile Shop. He struck a bargain with a very nice sales associate.

DIY shower tile

Now to take out the tile spacers and get our grout on all over again.

DIY shower floor

Here’s how the bathroom floor turned out, if you just need some closure on something.

Left to do:

  • Install custom glass piece
  • Shower hardware
  • Baseboards
  • Bathroom door
  • Vanity
  • Shelves
  • Decor
  • Take a nice long shower

Upcoming posts: Grouting the Shower, Bathroom Mirror, Shower Reveal, Making Shelves, Bathroom Reveal, maybe some other secret projects


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