Bathroom Remodel: Grouting Shower Walls


DIY grout tile shower

Grouting the Shower Walls

The tile starts to come together in the final stages here. It’s been a labor of love, but the shower is just about done. Tiling was the latest hurdle, so grouting pales in comparison. It’s literally what cements everything together and makes it look unified. If you missed the grouting tips, go back to our shower floor post and brush up. Otherwise, enjoy!


Shower Tile Before & Afters

DIY shower tile install

Here’s how we started. Thin set and spacers.


caulk shower tile

And here’s Joe caulking up the seams.


DIY shower tile

It’s really starting to look good.

Shower Ceiling

DIY shower tile install ceiling

Before grout

DIY shower tile ceilng


Shower Ceiling DIY


Joe’s rain shower head is looking pretty snazzy! The coolest thing about the shower is that it echoes. What a change from our teeny tiny shower before. The one where you’d bump your knees on it while on the john. To get the sheets of river rock to stick on the ceiling, the trick is patience. The thin set is extremely strong, but you need to hold each piece up there for a little bit to ensure it fully takes hold.

Shower Walls

DIY shower tile install

Walls before grout

DIY shower tile install

Walls after grout

DIY shower tile install


Side Walls

DIY shower tile

Side walls before grout

DIY shower tile

Before grout

After Grout Shower Walls

After grout

DIY shower tile

We just need our piece of glass before we can show it all. What a world of different grout makes! This pewter shade was just right.

DIY shower floor

We used a mocha for the bathroom floor, in case you were wondering.

On the Horizon

Our DIY game is still going strong with some custom-built accessories that we’re excited to install and reveal. Joe’s my Pinterest board dream maker, and I really think we nailed some shelves. I’m stoked to get this shower wrapped up and the next few projects out the door. It’s terribly nice outside, so let’s not spend it all indoors, ok?

Still to come: Shelves, Baseboards, Decor, Sink/Vanity, Mirror, and more

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