Halloween House




A couple weeks ago, Joe and I took a few days off work for our very first staycation. I’ve got to say, it was really exciting! We hardly told anyone where we were going – I know, it’s pretty anticlimactic when you realize our big getaway vacation was actually… nowhere. But to us, it was our time to truly enjoy the house for the first time between moving in, work, and a summer of nonstop commitments.

I would totally recommend planning a staycation if you’ve never considered one. Joe got to use up some PTO, we got catch up on projects, got some r&r, did some sightseeing in our own city, and as a bonus we saved a ton of money by not taking a vacation this year. We were both looking forward to it for weeks, without any headaches of planning or packing. Definitely happening again. Who knows when!

Here’s a short list of our staycation agenda:

  • 15k running
  • Brunching!
  • Church touring
  • Corn mazing
  • Massages ahhhh
  • Garage work
  • Organizing (big time!)

Those last two projects are coming along. We got a lot done and have plenty of pictures.

Waldoch Farm

Waldoch Farm Pumpkin Patch tractor ride

We had a ton of fun here! Even though t was mostly families with young kids, there was plenty for us to do. I dragged Joe along for the obligatory ‘fall activity’, but once he got there he had fun. There were tractors and gokart races, so obviously he was in his element.

Waldoch Farm Pumpkin Patch

So many pumpkins. I don’t think they had apples. At least, none we saw. Although they did have a bunch of farm animals: goats, chickens, roosters, chicks, bees, geese and lots of others. And we bought some delicious honey from their bees.

corn maze waldoch farm joe

The corn maze took us about an hour, without a map. This was my favorite part. Two-part maze. Snacks recommended for the walk.

Waldoch Farm Corn Cannon

They also have a corn air cannon! If you hit the target, you win a candy bar. They fill these guns with ears of corn to shoot out into a field. There were only two winners that day, and they were sadly not us. But we still had fun!


Halloween Walls

caution zombie crossing halloween decor Target

Enter if you dare! Halloween has arrived early at our residence. Trick-or-treaters beware!

frontdoor zombie crossing sign Target dollar spot $!

Alert: I did not buy any of the decor you are about to see. I found it in a bin while we were organizing. Except for this Zombie Crossing sign. I could not resist the Target $1 spot this time.


kitchen halloween deocr

Enter the kitchen. I added some fall leaves around the kitchen, and made the living room a little more spooky. I wasn’t sure if it was too soon to start Halloween decorations, so I did some generic fall decorations too.

candy corn fall and halloween decor treats

I intentionally bought candy corn because I will not eat it myself 😝Good thing I didn’t buy skittles!



fall and halloween decor

The bamboo rotator thing was Joe’s idea. That’s been our centerpiece lately.


fall festive kitchen

Here’s my subtle string of leaves. Oh yea, there was a squirrel trapped in our garage last weekend! Not sure how it got in, or how it got out. I hear something scratching at this door and a wimpering/chirping noise. I was home alone and terrified! We’re pretty sure it had to be a squirrel, but can find no evidence besides a ripped up screen door. It sounded like a small dog!

Living Room

Halloween decor spiderwebs

Mwa ha ha. there are spiderwebs everywhere. I want to find a spooky vampire window cling for that mirror for when people look at their reflexion. Joe says it’s a fire hazard to put spiderwebs over light bulbs, so make sure to avoid doing that. Oops


halloween decorations goblets candle sticks wine

Goblet of vino, anyone? I’ll light a romantic candle. My Aunt gave us these candlesticks. Bet you want them back now, don’t you? Pretty cool.




I like the old parlor look in here. It reminds me of an episode of Tales from the Crypt.



Halloween and fall harvest decor

Looks like we have a new basket for remote controls. Storage can be cute too, see.


Halloween decor spiderwebs

This will look really spooky when we get a black light in here. And possibly the fog machine. Next item on the Halloween agenda: pumpkin carving. How long do I have to wait?


Halloween decor spiderwebs trick or treat

I found a few banners to hang. Nothing too spooky. Joe even changed our thermostat background to orange. That’s his contribution to decorating. Here’s the thermostat we use, if you’re interested in the opinion of an energy efficiency engineer.


halloween decor haunted house treat street

Up or down? The candy machine is downstairs, so I’d choose Treat Street if I was you.


Bathroom Halloween decor

And the bathroom.

I’ve got to say (and Joe actually said the exact same thing), it’s feeling like home now. I’m not sure why the Halloween decorations brought us to that conclusion, but it feels really lived in and cozy right now.


What are your favorite fall or Halloween traditions?