Bathroom Demo | Phase 1


bathroom remodel phase 1


Bathroom Demo

We’ve broken into our bathroom! And we’re still tearin’ it apart. If you’ve got 6 minutes to spare, take a look at our time lapse video below. There are some gems in there. If only we could work turbo time like that in real life…



You can see the fireplace on the far left. And you can see out the back door through the mirror on the right. We have two trash bins outside that we have almost filled up. If you were watching and wondering where we kept disappearing to, that’s where.

bathroom before picture

Here was the bathroom before. It was kind of like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree – not such a bad little bathroom. But hands down the most dreaded room in the house. The shower was only used as an absolute last resort. And let’s talk about that toilet. Everyone would hit their knees against the shower wall, or even sit sideways on it. The square footage just wasn’t there.

before picture bathroom

That’s when we had the brilliant idea to take over the laundry room just yonder, and donate some of that space to a new bathroom shower. If we were redoing the basement anyway, we thought, might as well go for it. Laundry room, meet bathroom.
before picture bathroom

Joe kinda likes his black marker.

demo bathroom before


That shower. It truly was avoided at all costs.

before picture bathroom

We might be repurposing the mirror, but likely we’ll rip that out eventually too.

sawing showerWe used a sawzall (aka. reciprocating saw) to cut through the shower insert, and started to dismantle it, section by section.


bathroom demo DIY remodelBut first we needed to clear the wall to the laundry room.

bathroom demo DIY remodel

We worked this sledge hammer!

broken sledge hammer

We worked it ’til its last.


bathroom demo DIY remodel shower

So the fun part: Dismembering the lovely shower.

bathroom demo DIY remodel

Why did we need to wear masks for this, you ask? For this. Fiberglass galore.

bathroom demo DIY remodel

We cut the walls into three pieces, then tore the base out.

bathroom demo DIY remodel shower

Pro Tip: Clog your drain with a rag or something, so the debris doesn’t clog it up first.

bathroom drain shower


Behold, the concrete floor below!

bathroom drain shower

And the drain. Now we’ll need to chisel the floor and move the drain location.

bathroom drain shower


Easier said than done. But it will be worth it when the shower is 2.5x the size.

plumbing shower


And let’s talk about some really not-code plumbing.

entryway bathroomCurrently we’ve got a doorless, floorless basement bathroom.

Onto Phase 2. Wish us luck!

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