Cedar Mailbox


new cedar mailbox header DIY

It was really about time we replaced our old mailbox. Parts of our house may be falling into disrepair, but hey! check out that sexy mailbox. Abra Kadabra, Distractya! The new mailbox makes us feel a little better about the rest of our messy situation at least. And we’ve gotten a few compliments from passersby. Most improved mailbox award goes to … us!

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Bathroom Demo | Phase 2


Bathroom Remodel Phase 2

Bathroom Background

Let’s back up a little and talk about this bathroom remodel. If you missed the first video, pop over to that and come back here when you’re done watching. Here’s a little intro of us getting hyped up to start, and me swinging a sledge hammer for the first time! Awww, my first (intentional) hole in the wall.

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Bathroom Demo | Phase 1


bathroom remodel phase 1


Bathroom Demo

We’ve broken into our bathroom! And we’re still tearin’ it apart. If you’ve got 6 minutes to spare, take a look at our time lapse video below. There are some gems in there. If only we could work turbo time like that in real life…


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