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DIY Farmhouse Office Makeover

I’m not sure everyone could get away with such a huge transformation in the workplace, but I don’t see why not! A coworker of mine took it upon herself to make her office “cube” a more inviting and comfortable place to work, turning it into a modern farmhouse! I was blown away by the level of detail. This is a true representation of her style, as your personal space always should be, in my opinion.  When we spend as much time as we do at our desks, it’s hard to believe we don’t make more of an effort to make it an enjoyable experience.


farmhouse office BEFORE farmhouse office BEFORE farmhouse office BEFORE Office AFTER

corrugated metal barn door

Welcome to Donna’s office

corrugated metal barn door

This corrugated metal barn door is seriously impressive. How many of us wish we had a door to our office? Maybe you’re feeling empowered to make one now. Better to ask forgiveness than permission!

corrugated metal barn door

Looks like it’s simply on a set of wheels to roll open and closed.

farmhouse office

I love this nightstand on top of the desk to serve as homey shelving filled with inspiration.

farmhouse office

Good ol’ contact paper breaks up the boring gray wall space.

corrugated metal barn door

But I like that she kept this portion of the fabric partition to hang a photo gallery wall.

farmhouse office

Complete with Edison bulbs and more corrugated metal paneling as a “backsplash”, the theme carries across the whole office. Looks like she put a wood plank over the top above her monitors for more “shelf” space.

farmhouse office

I mean, how cute is this? More galvanized metal buckets and green topiaries make the farmhouse style complete. And I love the cute clock in her turquoise accent color. How many of us having a boring clock from the ’60s in our office?

farmhouse office

Right down to the cozy rug, this office is PERFECTION!

I’m seriously inspired by Donna’s DIY spirit and ownership of her workspace. Sure, this project was self-funded, but isn’t your workspace worth it in the long run? Plus it’s a great excuse to decorate. This is a place you’d truly look forward to on a Monday morning. Swooning over the sight. Well done Donna!

I’m going to throw out a challenge to “shop” your own house and bring some finds to the office.

If you have an eye candy worthy office, I’d love to see it! Submit your photos to and I may feature you the next time around. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Farmhouse Office

    • Donna Lefebvre

      Happy to see people like and appreciate my efforts to make my space a more enjoyable and comfortable work environment. I bought the wall fabric at JoAnn etc. The farmwood contact paper at Walmart and all the corrugated steel at Menards. My husband made the door for me and we had some old barnwood at the house.
      All the other knick knacks are things I had around the house or some things I bought and others were made by my children or myself. Some may say it’s a bit “over the top” or a bit “Extra” but to those people I just say, “Thank You”.

  1. Kaitlyn OMalley

    How fun! I totally agree with decorating! You spend most of your days in the office you should be able to make it reflect your personality.

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