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Easy Super Bowl Snacks

Who’s mostly excited for the food on Super Bowl Sunday, raise your hand? Me too. I mean, I love being with friends and I love the commercials, but let’s be honest: It’s all about the food. We in Minnesota will never see our team in a championship game, so I really don’t care who wins. (Actually that’s a lie; I cheer for whoever is the underdog). If you’re looking for a fun and easy themed treat, here’s a great last minute recipe for you.


I think whenever you can do something that matches the theme or color of the teams, you’ll have a lot of fun making a recipe. If you’re off to a potluck, you can be sure there’s already going to be nachos, tacos, dips, chili, burgers and wings galore. That’s why I’ve made this simple and elegant appetizer for the past few years that is unexpected for Super Bowl Sunday. It’s a fruit crostini.

blueberry and raspberry crostinis

You’ll need:

  • French baguette(s)
  • Goat cheese and/or spreadable cheese of your choice
  • Honey
  • Fruit
  • Balsamic vinaigrette (optional)
  • Olive oil (optional)
  • Garnish/Topping of your choice

How to Make Crostinis

Crostinis are so easy and so inexpensive, we make them for all sorts of occasions. People are always impressed by them, even though they only take a short time to prepare. First, start with your french baguette. You can find these in the bakery for less than $2. It’s ok if they’re even a little stale or day-old because we’ll be toasting them.

First, cut the baguette lengthwise with a serrated knife at a slight angle. You should get ~35 pieces out of each loaf.

french baguette loaf crostini

Drizzle them with olive oil if you want to help crisp them up, and cook them at 350 for about 10 minutes or until they’re no longer soft to the touch.

french baguette loaf crostini

It’s best to assemble them on the same day. You can easily do this part ahead of time and store them in a bag until you’re ready for the party. They’ll keep for a few days.

french baguette loaf crostini

Once they’re ready, you can start spreading goat cheese or your favorite soft cheese onto each one. In my experience, it spreads best when the bread is still warm.

blueberry and raspberry crostinis

Once you’ve spread your cheese, add the toppings and drizzle some honey on top!

blueberry and raspberry crostinis

I chose Blueberries for the Patriots and Red Raspberries for Atlanta.

Get Festive

blueberry and raspberry crostinis

It would be fun to set up a crostini bar too to get your guests customizing their own.

blueberry and raspberry crostinis

Now here’s where the fun comes in. Add labels so your friends and family can “vote” with their pallets. I wrote each team’s quarterback to represent each fruit. Have fun with it.

blueberry and raspberry crostinis

To finish it off, add a spritz of balsamic vinegar and maybe a sprig or two of mint.  Fancypants

Here’s one I did last year for the CO Broncos vs Carolina Panthers. I did a queso spread with radishes and cilantro on the Broncos side and raspberry and pear on the Panthers side.

blueberry and raspberry crostinis

Maybe this little social experiment will even help you predict the game’s outcome. Or maybe just figure out what tastes the best.


There are a thousand ways to dress a crostini, so have fun getting creative! Now that you know how easy and quick¬†these are, you can go ahead and make them. (Just don’t show up at the same place as me.) They’re definitely something unexpected and refreshing amidst all the heavy foods, but they still feel indulgent and taste delicious. If you end up with too many pieces of bread, you can save them for bruschetta, artichoke dip dippers, croutons or soup dunkers too. Hope you enjoy! What are you making/eating for the Super Bowl?

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