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DIY Glowing Shower Tile

Joe’s pretty excited about showing this to you guys, since it was part of his master plan from the get-go. You’ve seen how obsessed with LED lights he is. Now imagine if the shower tile could all light up. He bought these special glow stones online and peppered them into the river rock shower tile. Wait ’til you see.

glow stones

These are magical. You can buy a powdered version as well. There are so many things you could make – glow in the dark driveway, countertops, walkway, pool. And they come in all sorts of colors.

Shower ceiling black light

If you wondered what that little light was for, it’s a black light. That’s how you charge up the glow stones so they will glow in the dark. Or solar light works too, but obviously this is an indoor project.

Shower Ceiling DIY

Here’s the black light in action juicing up the glow stones.

hidden secret switch glow rock black light

Joe made a special secret light switch just for the blacklight. It’s hidden in the shelves. Set it before your shower and forget it. It’s usually ready in 30 minutes.

glow rocks at nightTa dah! Here’s a blurry shot. If you take a shower in the dark, this is all you’ll see.


glow rocks on the floor

It’s kind of crazy looking at the floor and feeling like you’re looking into a starry night sky.

glow rocks on the floor

Here’s a more clear shot.


Before we grouted, we added in a few handfulls, and thin set everything together. It was as easy as that. We grabbed a bag of aqua and a bag of bright blue. We still have a bunch leftover for another project too.

glow rocks floor

Joe is glowing with pride on this little invention. Please humor my pun.

full DIY shower reveal rustic modern shower at night


He’s been burning to show you his secret of the pro’s. I’m pretty sure we can classify Joe as a professional when it comes to anything in the lighting department. Hope this has given you some fun ideas to try on your own!

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