Bathroom Remodel: Shower Jets


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Shower Jet Installation

We’ve taken a week off from the shower due to some other things that came up (and enjoying Mother’s day weekend of course) but we’re happy to report that we’ll be done by the end of the week! Joe worked nearly 70 hours last week, so we didn’t get much done at home, but that’s ok because we were waiting for our glass piece to get precisely cut. Now that we’ve got that, we’re right back in there. It’s a perfectly rainy week for us to wrap up.

P.S.¬†We’ve now officially lived in the house for 1 year! Happy house-versary! Here’s a throwback of us on moving in day.

And here’s Joe testing out the pipes and lights:

Here he is fine-tuning the jets:

Shower Jets

tile shower head rain shower DIY

It’s almost ready for its maiden shower voyage.

shower rain head

The rain shower head is looking purdy.

shower tile

Everything works. So far so good.

shower tile DIY

The hand wand will be incredibly nice for washing off our feet coming in from outside.

shower tile DIY

We did have one minor pipe leak, but fixed it early on.

Next time you see us, we’ll have this shower done!

Still to come:

  • Shelving
  • DIY Glass piece installation
  • Mirror Project
  • Baseboard/trim
  • Bathroom Hardware
  • Decor
  • Vanity
  • Some special surprises

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