Bathroom Remodel: Full Reveal!


full DIY shower reveal rustic modern

DIY Bathroom Remodel: Full Reveal

Ok, you guys. We’re d.o.n.e. 😀 It’s been a long time coming, and we’re so excited to have our finished bathroom to come home to. We’ve been super excited to show you the results, but the process is where the real magic happens. If you’ve been following along, you know how much work it takes to DIY a bathroom remodel, but also how rewarding it is to wrap up! I’m going to unpack some more photos later because there’s so darn much to share. I’ll go into more detail with certain things then, but for now come on in!

full DIY shower reveal rustic modern bathroom door open

Enter and relax.

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Bathroom Remodel: How to Tile a Shower


shower tile header


DIY Shower Tile

Tiling a shower is where the fun really comes in. We’ve been so excited for this phase of the bathroom remodel. And for good reason! It’s actually starting to look like a shower. Joe’s dad gave us a huge hand so we were able to knock out all the tile in a weekend. Check it out!


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Bathroom Remodel: Phase Two


Ok, you can come in now!Onto Phase Two

There was a lot of good grunt work that went into this one, but it went pretty smoothly once we got our process down.

We couldn’t be happier with how the whole bathroom turned out!

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