Joe gets very excited about window seats on planes. Here’s our obligatory touchdown video. It’s gets boring after :45 seconds, but feel free to watch.

Pacific Northwest

Here’s a brief tour of our Seattle/Portland adventure. We’ve had a crazy week post-trip and have both been scrambling to get caught up. Overall, it was 100% worth going. As you probably know, Joe was there for a week-long class on building automation. He passed his class with an A+ and is fully certified to use this particular software.

I was just tagging along for emotional support and to use up the last of my vacation time. So glad we added two extra days so we could do some exploring. We were even able to meet up with my friend from college, and Joe’s aunt and uncle who all live there. We really fit a lot into a short period and both had a really fun time despite his grueling training schedule.

Road Trip

road trip

train pacific northwest

Seattle WA and Portland OR road trip



Mt. St. Helens

Mt. St. Helens

Silver Lake

Wetlands Haven Trail

Olympia Portland



Hiking Seattle

Hiking Portland

hiking ruins hiking ideas Pacific Northwest

giant leaves


Portland Saturday Market Pier

Portland Saturday Market Pier

Portland Saturday Market OR

Portland Pier

keep Portland weird

Portland theater marquee

Portland street performer

Portland bridge

Rosa Parks Way

Portland Pier ship tug boat

Portland OR sign light neon

Portland bridge



Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier art

Mount Rainier

Mt. Rainier drive

Mt. Rainier peak

driving up Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier entrance fee

how to hike Mt. Rainier tips

Mt. Rainier snow

hiking Mt. Rainier Washington trails

photo opps Mt. Rainier

scenic outlook Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier waterfalls

Mt. Rainier waterfalls and ponds

the hills are alive

Mt. Rainier tunnel


Snoqualmie Falls

Snowqualmie Falls

Snowqualmie Falls Washington


Fish Hatchery Issaquah, WA

Fish Hatchery Issaquah Washington

Tessla test driving Washington


Downtown Seattle


Downtown Seattle fish market

things to do Seattle

fresh flowers Seattle fish market

public market center Seattle Washington

fish throwing Seattle market


Gum Wall

Seattle gum wall

Seattle market gum wall

downtown Seattle must see activities

famous gum wall Seattle

Cute Ideas

I saw a few gems on the road that made me get fired up.

DIY canoe shelf

deer antler artwork wood

rug patterns

lace stockings pumpkin spray paint carving alternative

So there’s a quick visual recap. If you want details, just ask 🙂

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