Signs #5



DIY Reclaimed Wood Signs

I promise we’ll stop with the signs after Christmas, but for now we’re in full craft mode. And we’ve got plenty of basement movie room updates on the way, so hang tight.

About half of these signs have sold already, but we’ve got plenty more and are doing a handfull of custom orders to fill before the holidays. Eek! Thanks so much to everyone who supported us in our very first ever craft show! It was great seeing everyone and it made the day fly by. So happy to give this a try and I hope you enjoy your pieces.

If you missed out, you’re still in luck. We’ll be at St. Vincent’s in Brooklyn Park this Saturday from 9-5 and everything will be at least 25% off! Plenty of signs looking for a good home. Get ’em while they’re here.


Wood Rounds

DIY wood signs header minnesnowta


dsc03822 dsc03821


Still available – $25

Love Bird Loon Sign




Sold $65

Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch

dsc03817 dsc03816 dsc03815

Still available – $42


Really surprised this guy hasn’t sold yet, but he’s still single and available. Maybe if we got some snow around here… Hint Hint mother nature
dsc03812 dsc03811 dsc03810

Still available – $55 I think

Home 1

dsc03809 dsc03808

Still available – $42

Home 2

dsc03807 dsc03806

Sold – $42

Home 3

dsc03805 dsc03804

Still Available – $42

Salt of the Earth, Light of the World

dsc03803 dsc03802 dsc03801

Still available – $59

Home Minnesota Teal Signs

DIY wood signs header minnesnowta

Plenty of these still available – $45

Hope to see you at the next one!

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