Bathroom Demo | Phase 4: The Big Kahuna


bathroom demo phase 4


Last Demo

I find smashing walls infinitely entertaining, and I’m a little sad to be ending demo. But alas, all good things must come to an end. If you’re tired of seeing us crash through walls, on the other hand, good news: this is the last one. At least for the bathroom… We have a whole lot of building to do, so we really need to get a move on. These bathroom updates will be coming in rapid fire – I really need to keep up!

This was so much fun. My favorite part is when my dad comes at the end and starts laughing. Gets me every time. Hahaha. Enjoy!



The wall has fallen! (Crazy to think I was born the year the Berlin wall fell. Fun fact.) After we got the drywall outta there, we pulled the remaining beams out.


Next up: We add in new plumbing, reframe the walls, and install electrical.

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